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  1. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Resolved VIP Class Change Bug

    If they use the weapons its definently abuse
  2. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted Appeal for "MFK"

    I'll just say that there was no voteteamban so don't understand where you got that from. Reds were on red line when you killed them, however i know the warden was dubious. Considering you already spent 300 minutes I'll remove this teamban, just be mindful of who you kill, warden giving you an...
  3. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Read Me Jailbreak rules

    Updated pokemon rules: Pokemon day: Pokemon day is a day where reds and blu melee fight each other in a systematic 1v1 duel to either team's death with a trainer on both teams picking the fighters, warden is automatically blu team's trainer and must ask a question related to tf2 or math to...
  4. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined bo

    First of all, both xypher and meth are beyond our control. If staff sees any other players post nsfw stuff outside of the nsfw channel then they are supposed to punish, the fact that others has done it doesn't justify doing it yourself.
  5. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Invalid VIP OP /car glitch

    That would count as VIP abuse and is bannable
  6. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted Wallhacker

    Player has been punished. Thanks for reporting! Closed
  7. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    How exactly do i check how long ive played on the server for ?

    Thats not exactly how it works, if you use your custom url then it works, so if you've set your custom url to be "hi" then you can do wln!p hi, otherwise you can use profile link or steamID as well.
  8. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined Discord ban appeal

    Failure to respond does not just mean to make a comment, but to actually answer what is being asked or stated. You have been told to give a reason as to why you did what you did and why you should be unbanned. Failure to respond will result in a denial of your appeal.
  9. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined unban request

    Cheating is not tolerated under any circumstances. Appeal declined
  10. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Invalid Admin abuse

    Alright so, you're accusing Sanxis of abusing because someone was willingly teleported out of map where he did no harm to anyone and that said player was given addcond buffs. I don't understand where in the world you got the addcond stuff from but it is not even enabled on 2fort servers and...
  11. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Invalid Report from Fork

    Shadow reviewed it and gave it to me the first time and I reviewed it too, shadow had also been given moments to look at and I reviewed it again now but there is nothing that you described in this report that is shown on the demo provided to us except maybe 1 second of overtalking warden. since...
  12. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    By applying

    By applying
  13. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Invalid Team Banned.....

    as it stands you still freekilled the last red, doesn't matter what your excuse is. your teamban lasts for around 25 minutes spent alive.
  14. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined Banned randomly

    You were not banned randomly as you cheated on this account ( on our servers and was banned for it, then you joined with the profile you currently have active and got banned for duplicate account. You even got a vac ban on your connected...
  15. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted appeal for unban from jailbreak

    Solved Appeal accepted
  16. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted My Ban Appeal

    Your ban for racism was initially only 3 days but since you kept using alt accounts it kept getting extended to over a year long which is the latest duplicate account ban. Either way I will remove your ban, but don't try avoiding punishment or use racial slurs again. Appeal accepted
  17. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted My Ban Appeal

    it seems as you've been banned on one account for racism then used an alt account which then got banned for duplicate account, then when you're main was unbanned the ban for the other account was still active so you got banned for duplicate account on that too and then you kept doing this and...
  18. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Declined Ban without Reason

    You got banned for duplicate account because this account is listed on your IP and got banned for aimbot.(
  19. <2F F> Captain Maxxy

    Accepted Banned for Duplicate account

    Issue has been resolved Appeal accepted