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    Post your GTA 5 Online Characters

    could you screenshot me KD please, ill show you mine from social club
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    Post your GTA 5 Online Characters

    get ur tryhard lookin ass out of here lol, Face paint with militray outfit defo tryhard outfit
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    ba_Jail_wildwest map

    I know you guys won't add jailbreak maps cause somehow that takes time or you guys refuse to but this maps pretty lit. minigames 9 Square Crush Game Fall Game Deathrun Sweeper (With a second bar you can toggle.) Arena Pit (Doubles as pool.) Soccer Bowling Jumprope Obby Jeopardy Minefield...
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    Osu! And my experience with it

    Osu! looks good saw timthetatman play it on stream with ninja and his mates.
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    Your thoughts on 2fort?

    it's one of my fav maps to get credits killing them f2p enemy teams while there leaving spawn . OWO 66 credits every 4 seconds basically.
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    Suggestion for AFK Guards

    one extra point i forgot to mention is AFK gaurds taking space up on blue team , they stay AFK in the armoury and most of the time they don't have a mic or there idling for credits.
  7. ɴeвυlα Glitch??

    Tbh wln has the worse general lounge, but there is no virus
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    Fortnite Bugs Patch v8.30 (Problems)

    Oh the mats farming are not linked to the bugs it's just a communities personal opinion about farm rate being too long. But there are a couple bugs about mat farming is speed boost farming if you emote while farming the next hit with the pick axe will be faster which means getting max materials...
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    Fortnite Bugs Patch v8.30 (Problems)

    Well all i can say they've fucked us over with this update . People are getting FPS drops and it's not to do with PC performance it's to do with the Game. Tfue isn't in the world cup now because he didn't qualify because he was in a gun fight while getting FPS drops. And Ninja id dying in Arena...
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    Heavy Update Wishlist

    I think the community is getting a bit to greedy lets be honest they have given us 2 heavy updates pretty much jungle inferno were there were yetti cosmetics and banana. And also pyro vs heavy update . All i'm looking forward to is Heavy Australium.
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    Pet Thread

    Nice i have a geko as well
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    Your thoughts on 2fort?

    Snipers camping on cat walk Scout running with the brief case Heavies taking up space at the border between blue side and red side Spy's waiting to stab someone at the sewers Engineers placing up sentries while Relaxo Rancho near the Brief case Pyro's chilling in the water That basically sums...
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    Hallu c:

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    Giveaway ★ Megalodon Shark Cash Card ★ $8,000,000 GTA5 Bux

    Damn i missed out big time i thought it was PS4
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    Technical Freeday glitch

    Please fix this this happens to me always . And i can't hit any buttons to get in a mini game or any sort of areas i want to.
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    Fornite World Cup

    this ain't a TF2 community it is but u can post other stuff are u backwards people talk about rainbow six seige,GTA5,smash ultimate and i can't talk about fortnite mate do us a favour and don't reply again
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    Fornite World Cup

    Listen nice to here what u lot to say but i don't care what u think about the game i'm here to discuss the worldcup can we have the opinions on the worldcup standings
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    Fornite World Cup

    Yeah man like 4 million people a day on average playing it sure Do you think it's gay because you can't run it or you're bad at it?
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    Fornite World Cup

    This is bs tbh, Like how did E11 Stompy get #1 on qualifier standings. We all expected Mongraal to come 1st but E11 Stompy shocked Europe and came 1st. Na-East : How did symfuhny get 63 his supposed to come 1st What the hell. i'm starting to think this tournament is rigged or not every PC was...
  20. ɴeвυlα Glitch??

    Ur name is white =u can buy a colour text or a tag in store. Or you can buy VIP Don't have VIP = You didn't buy it or also xypher said if you're active on servers/forums/discord you are eligible for free VIP Here is the link to discord since you're not there ...