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  1. LUV

    Appeal Guard Banned for "Mass Free Killing"

    You then started spamming again for whatever reason and that was when I gagged you. That is simply not true. I sat in spectator and saw it all go down.
  2. LUV

    Appeal Guard Banned for "Mass Free Killing"

    Many people started to notice your spam and one jokingly asked to be unbanned. You took my response as if I was serious, that was not at all the case.
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    Appeal Guard Banned for "Mass Free Killing"

    Making a part 2 to the conversation.
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    Appeal Guard Banned for "Mass Free Killing"

    I was spectating one of the REDs, and everyone in the cell with the RED [that I was spectating] were AFK alongside him. You decided to look at the cell I was spectating, and shoot a pill at one of the REDs and ended up killing everyone in that cell. Side note, there was only 3 people in the...
  5. LUV

    Declined purple's Application (3rd)

    +1 I faintly remember you as a staff member when I first played, but I never really had a real interaction with you up until you started playing a month or two ago. However, I do recall many people adoring you and missing you as admin, post-resignation. Although you have a bad history when you...
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    Show you're desktop Wallpaper

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    True or False questions brainstorming

    All classes can self heal without the use of med-packs. The answer would be true since all classes have items that are capable of replenishing their health.
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    Which loadout is good with my chicken kiev aka pootis bird head?

    Weight Room Warmer and Captain Space Mann go well with the Chicken Kiev.
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    Stereotypes on JailBreak

    A stereotype I see too often is a guard purposely opening armory for REDs so that they can get ammo and get rid of the current warden, due to either peer pressure from the server hating that one warden or the guard has something against the warden from what they did last round. It’s entertaining...
  10. LUV


    A weapon I want to be buffed has to be the Warrior’s Spirit. It has potential of being a good melee weapon, but the damage vulnerability for it is a bit much. A weapon I’d like to see be added to the game is Manntreads but for Demoman. Favorite weapon is the Widowmaker. Least favorite is the...
  11. LUV

    Resolved Attempted MFK and meatgrinder

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:1:59597512 (Sir. Orm teh high norseman) & STEAM_0:1:70925575 (Finest) Player name: Sir. Orm teh high norseman & Finest Date of incident: 28/4/19 Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: Explain what happened & include as...
  12. LUV

    Accepted MFK from lucifer

    EDIT: STEAM_0:1:160900323 is the SteamID. Not sure why the steam URL converter site I used provided me with the wrong ID. Adding onto the report, he has also been acting extremely racist, as of late. This incident occurred several hours after the previous report.
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    Rate the music above you

    5/10. Not the type of music I’d go out of my way and listen to, but it’s fine as it is.
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    Accepted MFK from lucifer

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:1:1998768795 Player name: lucifer Date of incident: 25/4/2019 Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: Explain what happened & include as much information as possible: In the previous round, lucifer had told everyone on...
  15. LUV

    Technical Freeday glitch

    A simple solution to this “bug” is to change to a different class and switch back to the class you want to play as during the countdown before the round starts.
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    Invalid Armani Quesadilla's Perm-Ban Appeal

    1.) Include your ban profile link: 2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned: I jokingly mentioned raiding the wonderland server in a private discord, with obviously no intention or power to do...
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    Wake n’ bake!

    Wake n’ bake!
  18. LUV

    Tomislav Vs Minigun

    Majority of the time when I’m heavy I usually play with stock minigun. Only exception is when the enemy team doesn’t have an engineer or medic.
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    Resolved Armory camping and mass freekilling

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:1:125909561 (Trill) and STEAM_0:1:220937321(Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell) Player name: Trill and Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell Date of incident: 14/4/19 Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: Explain what happened...
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    Rate the weapon above you

    2/10, Situational at best. Scottish Resistance