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  1. Pocoraven

    flex your pc specifications

    That's funny, i use Speccy too, but CCleaner sucks. anyways, here's my specs: 1550017823 a power supply.
  2. Pocoraven

    SourceBans is having problems these are the only images i have taken. Is sourcebans down or something?
  3. Pocoraven

    Last request ideas

    first of all, the red would immediately attempt to kill all of the guards with his big, beautiful, son of a bitch you call a gun. 1547694283 yeah totally nothing wrong with that.
  4. Pocoraven

    Hey, what type of servers do you prefer on playng?

    Jailbreak is fun but not those types of dumbasses who don't read the rules smh
  5. Pocoraven

    How do i fix the visual glitch on TF2

    i don't know what the fuck that means. but i'm just asking you what kind of visual glitch it is, since you didn't specify which one it is.
  6. Pocoraven

    How do i fix the visual glitch on TF2

    what Visual Glitch?
  7. Pocoraven

    a hacker banning me

    Please post this in Reoprts.
  8. Pocoraven


    My dream unusual is to get a Ghostly Gibus.
  9. Pocoraven


    what? most 18 year olds don't have that kind of grammar. i'm just saying -_-
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    I'm also curious as why you're 18 having the grammar as a 11+ year old.
  11. Pocoraven

    Best class?

    No, the Random class is better than the Civilian
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    first of all, you posted in the wrong thread. secondly, they won't help you unless you go to the "appeals" thread on the administrative section.
  13. Pocoraven

    i can't...

    p please no.
  14. Pocoraven

    i can't...

    you noticed my spoiler, i see.
  15. Pocoraven

    I Love Space

    i'm still trying to comprehend what the fuck just happened.
  16. Pocoraven

    i can't...

    i cannot fucking comphrehend why BIg Chungus is a meme. All Bugs Bunny was doing is mocking the guy who tried to trap him in that box thingy. What's next, is plain WALKING gonna be a meme now?
  17. Pocoraven

    i'm fuckin hitting late puberty

    i'm fuckin hitting late puberty
  18. Pocoraven

    TF2 January 7 2019

    i feel ya man.
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    My Signature won't appear if i'm signed out of my account, Why?

    ahh okay, i was just curious.