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  1. Mifil

    Invalid Request to Reduce Guard Ban Duration

    To be fair, you really shouldn't make appeals for shortening of some bans that last day or so, unless you think we banned you by mistake. Anyways, your teamban ended. Closed.
  2. Mifil

    Pending Sly Copper 9821's Application

    Your last application failed due to your logs. So let's see how those changed. This is pretty much one the top of my search. Apart from this, there are also other questionable stuff in your logs, like using words such as "scunt" or rather whiny comments related to jailbreak situations. So...
  3. Mifil

    Declined Fork's 2nd Application

    I'm going to be honest and say that I see little difference between this application and your joke application. Hard no.
  4. Mifil

    Declined Requesting a server unban

    If you do not respond to this appeal, I'll be forced to close this appeal due to inactivity.
  5. Mifil

    Invalid ban for hacking on alt account that is not mine You were declined already. This appeal won't be looked into.
  6. Mifil

    Declined guard ban appeal

    User has not responded to the appeal. Appeal denied.
  7. Mifil

    Accepted my appeal

    After a discussion with a fellow team member, I have decided to unban you, since it appears the system banned you by mistake, while it shouldn't have. Appeal accepted.
  8. Mifil

    Declined guard ban appeal

    If you don't respond to your appeal in the following days, I'll be forced to close this appeal.
  9. Mifil

    Declined Requesting a server unban

    Your account was banned for being a duplicate, not for lmaobox bind spam. You mind explaining that?
  10. Mifil

    Declined Ban Appeal

    In other words, brother screwed you over. Unfortunately we can't really trust you with that story. You have more than a couple of accounts connected to your IP and overall the brother excuse is quite common and often fake. I'm sorry, but we'll do nothing about it. The punishment will stay...
  11. Mifil

    Accepted Guard Ban Appeal

    It's a mistake in the system. Contact any admin, when you are on our servers and request an unban, as you were not supposed to get a permament guardban.
  12. Mifil

    Appeal Armani Quesadilla's

    First, I want to explain a bit and ask some questions. You had previous punishments for inappropiate behaviour, that includes being racist on JB and whining about it on discord (this is why apparently Shadow banned you from the discord server). Then, through Ray, Shadow got to know about your...
  13. Mifil

    Accepted Discord Appeal

    If you do not respond to that picture above with an explaination, I'll be forced to close this appeal.
  14. Mifil

    Invalid Ban Appeal

    The person that was banned has to do an appeal. You can't do an appeal for someone else.
  15. Mifil

    Accepted Um, Banned for no reason?

    You were unbanned. Appeal accepted.
  16. Mifil

    Invalid Guard Banned for "no reason given"?

    Appeal closed, as ban had ended.
  17. Mifil

    Accepted Um, Banned for no reason?

    If you do not remove yourself from that group, the "it's me, your favorite principal" group, we will not unban you and we will deny your appeal. From what I can see, you are in a lot of pony groups, which makes me believe that you really have no idea, what group you joined. That group is...
  18. Mifil

    Accepted my appeal

    Please be patient. It sometimes takes a while for us to go over appeals. Anyways, being banned for duplicate means that you have another account that was banned on our servers permamently and the system detected your account as an alt due to that. The steam profile in question...
  19. Mifil

    Declined Ban Appeal :: Comical :: Duplicate Account / Cheating

    Our policy is that cheating is not appealable. We do not tolerate it under any circumstances and so we can't come into an agreement. I'll have to deny this appeal. Denied.
  20. Mifil

    Declined iDrinkOxygen's Ban Appeal - Banned, once again for using a VPN. Silly me

    Unfortunately this is not the kind of assurance that'd convince me in your favour. You having a mic and playing as BLU on jailbreak is irrelevant, when it comes to your VPN issue and your overall punishment list. I have to agree with Ray here and so I'll respect the decision he had previously...