1. Reckless Flute Guy

    Giveaway 500k (500 000) Credits Giveaway. (Multiple Winners)

    Hello $Credit Farmers$ ! In this Give-away, 5 random players will each win 500 000 in-game store credits! All you have to do is to drop a comment on my Steam Profile: > < Winners will be randomly chosen using a name-picker generator. Entries...
  2. Aiguane

    Nice to meet you

    hello gamers, I'm from France, and I discovred Wonderland's server by playing in a random server. It's the first time i write here because of the giveway like all the new arrivants here i think ^^ Maybe i can found people to play with !
  3. Reckless Flute Guy


    Solve the following equation to win 100000 WL Credits and a duelling Minigame. 3x + 4y = 5, 2x - 3y = 9 x=? y=? Find 'x' and 'y' SHOW YOUR WORK! (how did you do it?) You must reply with: 1- Your answer 2- Proof/worksheet via a photo or screenshot First to reply with the correct answer and...
  4. Scorch

    Hello yes its another giveaway

    Hey guys i'm going to give a Screaming Tiger Most Wanted taunt for the Sniper. Why? I don't know. Here are the rules to entering: 1) Tell me a good game that I should get. Haven't played something good in a while 2) Tell me a joke. Haven't had a good laugh in a while 3) Link your steam...
  5. Reckless Flute Guy

    A Giveaway!! WEEEEᴇᴇᴇᴇᴇeeeeee

    So, I've finally reached 2k hours on Wl, Tf2 and decided to make a giveaway. First prize: 1 000 000 (One Million!) in-game =WL= Credits Second Prize: 500 000 in-game =WL= Credits Third prize: 100 000 in-game =WL= Credits Bonus Prize: Totally secret and 'random'. All you have to do is...
  6. TimAllenisThiccasFuck

    Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Giveaway

    I got some games left over from Humble Bundles so you fools get them. The games are Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7. Each game will be sent to the winner via steam key. I will be giving each game to a different person so please specify which game you are entering...
  7. Xypher

    ★ Megalodon Shark Cash Card ★ $8,000,000 GTA5 Bux

    Giveaway of a shark card code for GTA 5 Online PC Requirements: ★ At least +5 forum posts. (No spam!) ★ You must own GTA 5 (PC) ★ Linked your Steam account with the forums. ( ★ Member on steam group ★ Member on our Discord...
  8. DuckGod

    ★ VIP giveaway ★

    Hello, and welcome to this amazing giveaway. You can win VIP! Rules: ~ Must be in our >Discord< ~ Must be in our >Steam Group< ~ No active >bans< ~ Account must have at least 5 messages. ~ Account must have been created more then 2 weeks ago ~ You must have linked your steam account with your...
  9. Itas

    VIP+ Appeal

    Full name: Ivan Taslak Gender: Male Date of birth: 10.4.2003 (10th April) Location: Croatia Nickname: Itas Age:15 Admin:Nope. Was. 30/31.5.2017 resigned. (ACG~Anti Cheat Gamers) Music i listen to: Depressed ones, happy ones, heavy metal, almost everything. Console and other experiences: PS1...
  10. Xypher

    Giveaway Mega X-Mas Giveaway 2018! X-Mas Giveaway 2018 How can I enter? All you need to do is reply on this thread once. When will it end? Giveaway will end on 01 January 2019 How will I know if I won something? Your key will be sent through the forum inbox/conversation system. Da Rules You must have...
  11. Captain Weeb

    Weeb's Cosmetic Giveaway

    Weeb here, back at it again with another giveaway. Just some cosmetics I don't really need/want, so I decided to give them away! So here's how to play: I want to shout out all those creative writers out there so we will be doing poems! Each person needs to write their own poem, however they...
  12. Captain Weeb

    Weeb's Giveaway

    Sup guys, Here with a first giveaway so here's the generic format, winners will be picked one week from today, May 4th Prizes First place: Mann co key, nuff said Now for the next 4 places(2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) Its going to work like this: the place you get is the pick of prize. As 2nd place will...
  13. Reckless Flute Guy

    Painting contest (Not really)

    So, Days after my PC got broken and when I decided to paint my room, I got confused on the colour (or color) combinations. I got a grey paint for free from my sister, where it will go on the ceiling. But, I need colours for the walls. The Grey Colour (Click) HOW TO WIN! The prize: 1:- 5...
  14. Mattaroni

    Soldier S.F. Mini-Set Giveaway (+ more!)

    Giving away these beauties as a set to one lucky winner Pretty cool stuff. I'm sure McDuck will like the set ;) BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I'm giving away 3 invasion update crate keys for 3 runner-ups. If you're interested, enter below by posting a pic of your favorite Smash Bros character &...
  15. The Kid Pyro

    Art Giveaway #3

    Sure am in the mood for giveaways so why not do another! Super easy one! Just decipher this message! Then type the words in the comments! Format: XXXXXX_XXXXXXX (X is a capital letter and _ is a space) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Examples of my work...
  16. The Kid Pyro

    Art Giveaway #2

    Here it is again! another new Giveaway! Just get all the questions right and you win! fill in the blanks & Muiltiple Choice 1)Im a big ____ fanatic! (hint:look at my wn profile) 2)Whats my favorite kind of science A:Biology B:Geology C:Astronomy D: Physics 3)When was i born?(hint: WL Profile)...
  17. The Kid Pyro

    Art Giveaway!

    to enter is really simple! first person to get it right wins! whats my favorite number! 1-10 and whats my favorite color A: Red B: Blue C: Orange D: Purple First to get them both right wins one free chest up art commision!(sadly not fullbody ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  18. Meowness

    Mirillis Action! Giveaway

    Hi! I wanted to share with you a giveaway my friend is organizing. I noticed that on forum are a lot of streamers, so I thought it might be useful for you. On Promo2Day is a competition where you can win a key with life-time commercial license to Mirillis Action! screen recorder...
  19. Xypher

    10x TF2 Key Giveaway

    Keys will be given out 1 per winning member. Total: 10x TF2 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key How to participate: Member in Steam Group | Info Post in this thread once. At least 5+ hours on servers. Forum account is synced with Steam account. ->...
  20. Mycin

    Spelled Engineer Hat Giveaway!

    Hello! I'm giving away a spelled Brainiac Hairpiece with voices from below on it! The giveaway will end September 10th with a random name generator. If you put your favorite funny TF2 Screenshot below I will put your name in twice.