1. Holly

    Your opinion on Jailbreak Rules

    What are your personal opinions on the Jailreak rules as of now? What do you wish would be added/ removed/ changed? Do you think the rules are fine as they stand, or are they in a bad spot right now?
  2. Lolichu

    Technical Healing glitch on lr's

    If there is a Last Request such as Hide and Seek or 100% crits and someone as Medic is healing a player that has those buffs, they are loosing their buff like uber or crits. This is pretty much possible on every server and team.
  3. Herobrine24

    Deactivate the "+use" command on Jailbreak Servers

    The issue with +use on Jailbreak servers is that it is an untracable interaction that can be abused by anyone. For instance, several guards are standing at a button that toggles a minigame door with lethal properties. If one would to shoot it, everyone would know who it would be. With +use no...
  4. Herobrine24

    Resolved Player Report [Dec 30, 2018] :: fbi.csi.miami.best.csi / STEAM_0:1:96958379

    User name: Herobrine24 1.) Name of player you're reporting: fbi.csi.miami.best.csi / STEAM_0:1:96958379 2.) Date of incident: Dec 30, 2018 3.) Server name / IP: WonderLand | Jailbreak - Custom! / 4.) Proof of Evidence: See Attached Demo Alternate Link if integrated file...
  5. Gulag

    JB Zombie Glitch

    I am permanently a zombie on jailbreak because i can no longer do the !zombie command, anyone else have this problem?
  6. Main

    Accepted Ban appeal

    Explain what happened / why you have been banned: So i was playing on a Jailbreak server like always. We were playing on a minecraft map until a map change. When the Mapchange started and i got into the Loading screen like always but then i got immediately banned. The weird thing about this is...
  7. Malfunction's Backup

    Resolved Using FF to kill other BLUs, Mass Freekill, player disrespect, keeping cell doors shut

    Server: Wonderland LA Jailbreak Date: 8/16/2018 ID: STEAM_1:0:445053154 Name: ALEX (He changed his name after leaving) Proof: Description: Alex goes Warden and spams the everloving hell out of the close doors button, then starts calling people gay and other such insults, then kills the other...
  8. Malfunction's Backup

    Resolved Freekilling and using glitched ammo

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:136285466 Name: KidMew Date: 8/14/2018 Server: Wonderland LA Jailbreak Proof: Description: After I got LR and chose Guards Melee Only Day, I noticed at the start of the next round that KidMew still had his Scattergun. I started recording a bit later. When we go down to the...
  9. Fluffy <)

    Which days are illegal on jailbreak?

    I was playng some jailbreak and i got lots of confusion by people sayng banned things, not banned things, and im now not sure what is true or not, so i will say a list of days and things and i would like to know which are banned, hope someone can help me on this -no taunt day -crouch day -360...
  10. Malfunction

    Resolved One man freehits, DR denies, and does illegal FF.

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:97477325 Player Name: LonnieGang.Xhixo Date: 7/23/2018 Server Name: Wonderland LA Jailbreak Proof: Explaination: LonnieGang.Xhixo starts off the round with a racial slur and hits multiple people with a rocket. Little bit later, Lonnie denies a Sniper his DR. Map change...
  11. Malfunction

    Resolved Freekilling and Ditching

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:50937097 Name: Tsar Gash Date: 7/23/2018 Server Name: Wonderland NY Jailbreak - Custom Proof: Explaination: It was Lava day, Out of Cell Rebel Day, and No Taunt day. Tsar Gash killed me along with two other people despite us not being KOS, and immediately leaves after...
  12. Malfunction

    Resolved Two reports: a Freekiller and an illegal FF enabler

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:99742104 Name: ultimateG HQ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:187910573 Name: Dex Date: 7/18/2018 Server: Wonderland NY Jailbreak Custom Evidence: Explaination: Came onto the server right in the middle of the Warden giving orders, but I could tell it was just "Go to the blue line and...
  13. Q

    Accepted Can I be un-perma-guardbanned on JB?

    1. TF2 Profile: Sgt. Quackers 2. Since I accidentally mass free-killed with a miss click. (Since I have a sensitive mouse.) I was temporarily banned from Wonderland servers for a week. This has caused a permanent guard ban. 3. I always see wardens not giving orders correctly and free killing...
  14. Shentium

    Resolved Frekillers in jailbreak UK wonderland

    So i joined the server and the first warden said hug and face the back wall of your cells. we followed his order and 76561198069585370 (warden) started to backstab every red, unfortunally i didn't record the first match, but you can see the chat was very angry about that. there was another 2...
  15. pew pew

    Jailbreak Poll

    Title says it all
  16. Nostalgic Fortress 2

    Resolved Disrespectful player.

    The name of the player is Rocketman909, and his steam id is Firebirdjr, here's his steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Firebirdjr/ This incident happened today on June 19th 2018 at around 11 PM. The server IP is: He was a very rude and disrespectful player in...
  17. pew pew

    Jailbreak Reccomendations

    Hello. Ever since i've started playing Jailbreak on Wonderland, i've noticed a few things that I think should be changed to improve experience. !fire Command I've noticed that the !fire command to fire warden, majority of the time, will require more votes than there are players in the server. I...
  18. Zer0

    Need Evidence Mass Freekiller

    SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198443800184/ Player name: Randomcerta Date of incident:6/03/2018 Server name / IP: LA Jailbreak/ Proof: Image Attached Explain what happened & include as much information as possible: All Reds...
  19. UserTackle

    Jailbreak- Cell Wars

    I'm commonly told two things when i try to put cell wars you cant do it two rounds in a row and that i cant do it if there are 4 or more guards. Is any of this true cause i couldn't find it in jailbreak rules
  20. Dovydas

    Motion sensor for engineer (jailbreak)

    So I thought of this maybe a month ago and I thought what if engineer wouldn't be so useless and would actually have some use instead of just having a dispenser and giving away ammo to reds. I thought that something like a motion sensor would be really usefull in jailbreak since you could just...