1. Skeletonization

    Minecraft and its replayability

    Minecraft's a cool game. ..... I don't really have much else to say about it, other than For a very simple game at launch that has been given various amounts of content over the years to become what it is now, I always enjoy it in big bulks of gameplay-- whether it's survival or creative, it's a...
  2. Xypher

    TF2 May 31 2019

    Updated; Updated Minecraft World servers. Nether Portals laeding to spawn can now no longer be used by the enemy team. Removed team barrier from nether. Updated Deathrun ( server. Removed a lot of boring maps. QoL changes. Updated maps; dr_bank_v10 to _v11...
  3. T

    Accepted Aimbot hacker

    Hacker found on server: SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198960340704/ Player name: yakme Date of incident: 01/05/19 (european date) Server name / IP: Proof of evidence in form of: video (i apologize for the shitty frames, my...
  4. Crymini

    Roblox or Minecraft?

    Which is better? :) I think both are good.