1. cottage

    Selling Selling Unusuals, Stranges, Festives, KS', & Warpainted Items

    Yea.. I'm pretty cool. If your too lazy to check what I've stated below, here's the Hyperlink to all things I'm selling plus some cool stuff c: (Items will be crossed out as items get removed. Keep in mind this may be outdated) All Things listed are put below for listings (...
  2. GetYaArmour

    Selling Strange Weapons For Sale

    Selling A Strange Shovel For 3.33ref Selling A Strange Market Gardener For 28.66ref Send me a trade offer:
  3. The Orange Birb

    Strange Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists

    I am selling a Strange Specialized Killstreak Apoco-Fists (Sheen: Villainous Violet) for 23 Ref. Trade me (Click on the link below) if interested! :)
  4. The Orange Birb

    Pebbles The Penguin Cosmetic

    I want to buy (x1) Pebbles The Penguin Cosmetic For 3.66 Ref. Trade Me If Interested! :) Trade Link:
  5. The Orange Birb

    Australium-Gold Painted Flapjack

    I am selling an Australium-Gold Painted Flapjack for 10 Ref. Trade me if interested! :) Trade Link:
  6. RangerValichian

    TF2 Idea For New Map On Trade Plaza

    Me and a couple other people are getting bored of the same old trade plaza v2 and that map is very old and outdated so we want to update trade plaza I don't know how many people who actually play on that server a lot and have an account on here but I sure do so we want to update it well what...
  7. Hypernova

    buying stout shako for 2 ref

    this is a new area? ok buying stout shako for 2 refined (yes i will buy them for 2 ref, no steel/scout shakos obviously) hopefully im using this correctly, but idk