1. Mystycal

    VIP Perks not Showing Up

    Hello So I payed 40€ for the VIP+ perks with PayPal and I still haven't gotten them yet. I bought VIP+ on 06/15/18 Yeah I know it's a little bit late for asking assistance about the VIP perks
  2. 霍夫施泰因学院的首席

    VIP perks are not showing

    Hello Admin/Owner, I payed the price of 40€ for the VIP+ perks with Paypal but I still doesnt got them. I bought them on the 08.06.2018 at.
  3. Fusionx963

    VIP Perks not showing.

    I donated £40 & I'm not getting any of the VIP perks. I donated on May 9th.
  4. Reckless Flute Guy

    A simple guide to farm and use WL credits on the Servers!

    So, Hello everyone! Many people have been asking me how did I or most VIPs reach over 1 Million credits on the Wonderland servers. This simple guide will teach you how to farm and preserve your hardly earned credits, and use them the right way and at the right moment! First Tip- Learn the...
  5. Cosmo

    Termination of my Vip Priveleges.

    It was the 7th of Feb. 2018. i decided to play some wonderland and noticed my vip was gone! (i had bought perm on the 1st of Feb.) I immediately checked the vip rules and noticed the following "Do not use your perks to have an advantage over other players. (e.g: killing players while resized)" ...
  6. ʀouges-eaux

    VIP issues

    Hello people, (Sorry for bad english) I've just donated to be VIP 10 minuts ago. I'm mostly playing on the slender maps. I've read other posts where I saw it could take up to 24h so I guess that's normal it doesn't work yet, but the thing is since that donation I'm lagging a lot even if the...