Giveaway ★ Summer Giveaway ★

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Aug 13, 2020
1 Summer Giveaway 2020
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What we are giving back to the community:
  • Permanent VIP+ perks! (x2) | only active regulars with positive reputation are eligible.
  • 2Mil. (2,000,000) in-game Store credits. | Shared between 20 select players.
  • Random Game for each randomly chosen member in this thread! (Games listed in next post)
If you would like to donate something for the giveaway, shoot me a DM, and I'll include it here.

Requirements to enter giveaway;

Things that will help too:

How will I know if I won something?
Your key will be sent through the forum inbox/conversation system.

How are the winners chosen?

All eligible participants will be chosen randomly through

Deadline: September 1, 2020

Please make sure you do not reply twice in this thread, or your entrance will be void.

Good luck!~ :katlove2:

Donors for the giveaway
(Beat Saber)

(Unusual Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare (Static Mist))

@Alex Starther
(30 Refined Metals, Pina polished Loch-n-load, Gift Wrapped War Paint, The Mair Mask, The U-clank-a, Ye Olde Baker Boy, The Aviator Assassin, The Barnstormer, tour of duty ticket. )


( Strange Chargin Targe Gears-Steam Background Spy-Steam Background Witcher Valley-Steam Background Superhot Crystals- Steam Background The Suburbs- Steam Background BT6 Crazied-Steam Emote )

(2 Discord Nitro Classic, Strange Scoped Spartan)

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