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Common Terms
Terms defined here do not need to be explained in game.
  • Activatable mini-games: Mini-games that must be manually activated and/or are exited via teleportation outside of the mini-game.
  • AFK: Keyboard actions are forbidden.
    • This does not restrict mic/chat, starting/stopping AFK taunts (unless >3 times), & force-crouching (forced to crouch by the map).
    • AFK Taunt: taunts that do not have a definite end (e.g. High Five) and/or do not automatically move the player (e.g Mannrobics.)
      • Examples of non-AFK taunts are default taunts, conga, etc.
  • AFM: Away from mouse fully.
    • This does not restrict mic/chat & healing/unhealing.
  • Baiting: Any action that allows REDs to hit/kill BLUs. See Baiting Rules for more info.
  • Bomb-/bum-rush: Travel without delays or detours.
    • This is implied with every movement order, unless otherwise specified by the warden.
  • FF: Friendly Fire.
  • Freeday Player: An individual player who does not have to listen to warden's orders & is free to do what they like with exceptions. See Freeday Player Rules below for more info.
  • Freehit/Freekill:Hitting/Killing REDs who are not KoS.
    • MFH/MFK: Mass freehit/freekill.
  • KoS: Kill on Sight.
    • Auto-KoS: Anything that will nearly always make a RED KoS.
  • LR/DR: Last/Death Request, respectively. See LR/DR Rules for more info.
  • Obby: Obstacle Course.
  • Speedrunning/Backtracking: In Deathrun, going two or more traps ahead/behind the majority of REDs, respectively.
    • Allowed by default; warden may disallow.
  1. The last non-rebelling RED does not need to follow warden's orders & should receive LR & DR after freedays/rebels die.
    • Anything dependent on judging REDs is an exception to this rule (e.g. Club Glod & Diner), as the last RED must earn their LR.
    • While the LR recipient is waiting for freedays/rebels to die, they cannot do anything auto-KoS.
      • Once they are the final RED alive, they are free to do as they please.
  2. DR includes any commands given by the recipient (they are not limited to one command).
    • DRs may not reset the FF cooldown.
  3. You may not delay or otherwise deny doing a DR.
    • If the RED attacks a BLU after they receive LR, the BLU must let the RED kill them & not delay/fight at all. This applies even if no DR is stated.
  4. REDs cannot be given DR, LR, or pardoned when they are the last rebelling RED.
  5. Custom LRs...
    • Cannot break server rules (e.g. "MFK Day").
    • Cannot already be in the LR Menu (e.g. Hide & Seek).
    • That specify the warden cannot give any extra/additional orders are only valid for 4 minutes after the round begins.
    • That require the warden to say something after every order are optional.
  6. Warden must order custom LR's before they are in effect.
    • For example, if the LR is Hunger Games, warden must intiate it.
      • Exception: Days in an LR, by default, last all round (unless LR says otherwise).
    • However, if there's no warden/warden dies, then the custom LR doesn't apply. This includes days.
  7. LRs do not transfer between maps.
  1. BLUs are baiting REDs if they:
    • Get into a RED's melee range while they are following warden's orders.
      • This includes getting in the way of them traveling somewhere for warden's orders without detour/delay.
    • Constantly rev miniguns, scope in/charge arrow, or wrangle sentry guns in the direction of REDs without actively attacking rebels.
    • Are in a RED area with REDs also inside.
      • RED areas include:
        • Cells
        • Knife Pit
        • Areas necessary to play minigames (not BLU-side)
        • Any other area of the map clearly defined as "RED"
      • RED areas do notinclude:
        • Areas connected to RED areas (e.g. stairs, cave under 9 Square).
      • If a RED is able to freely move within a RED area, then they can hit BLUs outside of it if they are close enough (melee range).
  2. REDs may always hit & kill baiters, but not chase them.
    • However, if a BLU is in a RED area, REDs may temporarily ignore anything to chase & hit the baiter.
    • Projectiles/Taunt-kills may be used to attack baiters, even for class-specific baiting outside of melee range.
      • However, warden may restrict this.
  3. REDs destroying buildings works the same as baiting.
    • You may not KoS a prisoner for simply destroying one.
  4. BLUs are not allowed to continuously bait.
  1. A Freeday Player will be considered auto-KoS if they do any of the following listed:
    • Attack a BLU.
    • Be the last RED alive.
      • Must be actively rebelling.
    • Body-block BLUs for a long period of time.
      • This includes constantly, purposefully colliding with BLUs or trapping them in a building.
      • BLUs/Warden must give a warning beforehand.
      • BLUs doing the same to REDs may be slain after a warning.
    • Hit breakables leading to armory/ammo.
    • Constantly mic-spam and/or talk over warden.
      • Warden must give a warning beforehand.
    • Destroy/Sap buildings.
    • Enter armory/stand in the doorway.
    • Have ammo.
    • Heal rebels.
    • Interfere with an activatable mini-game.
      • This includes keeping doors open & pressing buttons.
    • Lose their freeday status.
  2. Freeday players are never eligible for LR nor can ever be pardoned.
  3. Freeday players cannot be baited by BLUs.

Common Activities
Days, orders, & mini-games explained here do not have to be explained in-game. These are not the only ones available, just some of the more common ones.

  • Altitude/Elevation Day: REDs may not change their z-axis (e.g. jump, crouch, move up or down, etc.)
  • Cell Wars: Warden turns on FF with the purpose of cellmates engaging in combat.
    • The warden may specify that one person must remain in each cell when Cell Wars ends.
  • Lava Day: REDs may not be on the floor of the map & must be on something higher. By default, beds & windows count as structures above the floor. Warden may choose to allow other structures pending no rule violations.
    • Taunts like the Zoomin' Broom do not count for Lava Day as the hitbox is still on the ground.
  • Line Wars: Warden turns on FF with the purpose of REDs fighting within the lines surrounding the cells.
    • Cells must be kept open.
  • Out of/Inside Cell Rebel Day: REDs may not be outside/inside of cells, respectively.

  • First Reaction, Last Reaction:
    • If the warden says "First Reaction:"/"Last Reaction:" followed by a command, the first/last player to do the action dies, respectively.
  • Simon Says:
    • Warden must say either "Simon says we're now playing Simon Says, Simon says I'm Simon," or "Simon says I'm Simon, Simon says we're now playing Simon Says." to begin the minigame.
    • Warden/Simon may rename Simon, but must first start out as "Simon."
    • Warden may not have more than two Simon Says type games stacked.
  • Trivia: Also called Jeopardy or Weakest Link, depending on the map you are playing on.
    • Allowed topics (any other question types are disallowed):
      • GMod
      • Jailbreak (WLN)
      • Minecraft
      • Simple math/geography/English.
        • "Simple" is defined as not needing any external assistance to help answer a question, such as a calculator, pencil/paper, dictionary, or a map.
      • Valve games
    • Questions must be within reason (e.g. no uncommon terms) & have quickly verifiable answers (e.g. a Google search away).
      • Questions that would take a while to find the answer for, such as "how many of x block is on a map," are disallowed.
    • If REDs who answer a question correctly can choose other REDs to be KoS, then the limit is 2.
      • Vague answers cannot be considered correct, unless otherwise stated by the Warden.
      • Warden must still define if 1 or 2 REDs can be chosen.
  • Drip or Drown: Voting minigame where REDs are judged on by their cosmetics.

Special Activities
  • Days/games explained here do not need to be explained in-game & include specific rulings.
  • Ghosting is not allowed unless in instances of massive delaying.
  • All games listed must be completed & no LR is given.
There is no warden & REDs are free to do what they like with some exceptions.
  • REDs will be auto-KoS if they do any of the following listed:
    • Attack a BLU.
    • Be the last RED alive.
      • Must be actively rebelling.
    • Body-block BLUs for a long period of time.
      • This includes constantly, purposefully colliding with BLUs or trapping them in a building.
      • BLUs must give a warning beforehand.
      • BLUs doing the same to REDs may be attacked after a warning.
    • Hit breakables leading to armory/ammo.
    • Enter armory/stand in the doorway.
    • Have ammo.
    • Heal rebels.
  • May not be initiated outside of warden being killed, LR, or on the first round of a new map.
  • Warden is not allowed.
  • BLUs are unable to bait outside of class-specific baiting.
  • Last Guard applies.

War Day
A mini-game where all the BLUs are sent to hide in a building outside of the main cell area. REDs are then allowed to enter armory to get ammo & kill BLUs.
  • REDs are KoS 20 seconds after the cells are opened.
  • FF may not be enabled during this game-mode.
  • May only be done every 3 rounds.
  • BLUs may not leave the area until they are the last guard or 4 minutes have passed, whichever comes first.
  • BLUs may “bait” on this day (rev weapons, sticky trap, etc.)

Last Request-Only Mini-Games
These days/games are only allowed to be done as a last request.
Free-for-All LR's
The round is a free-for-all with different characteristics depending on the LR.
  • This covers LR's such as Purge, Medieval Day, & Samurai Day.
  • You may not delay as the last alive players.
  • Warden is not allowed.
  • Does not count towards warden rule #4 (FF every 3 rounds).
  • Guard & BLU team rules (such as armory camping) do not apply to these LR's.

Hide & Seek
BLUs must stay in armory for at least 90 seconds, during which REDs hide. After the hiding period, BLUs hunt and kill REDs.
  • Must be started at the beginning of the round.
  • LR is given to the last RED.
    • If 2 or more REDs are hiding in the same area, neither receive LR & both are KoS.
    • If 2 or more REDs are hiding in different locations, but are found at the same time, they would also be KoS.
  • REDs can hide anywhere as long as its accessible to BLU team (Armory, door glitching, etc. are allowed) and still get LR.
  • During the hiding period, REDs that enter armory are KoS.

Hunger Games
Hunger Games is a game where REDs are set free & FF is enabled.
  • The warden may allow/disallow ammo, camping, & teaming, unless the LR already defines these parameters.
  • BLUs are unable to bait outside of class specific baiting. They may spectate the REDs.

Meat Grinder
FF is enabled in a small area with REDs crammed inside.
  • Cell Wars & Line Wars are not Meat Grinder, permitted REDs are in their respective spawn cells.
  • Examples of places where FF is not considered Meat Grinder:
    • Pool.
    • Arena.
  • Examples where it is:
    • Medic Bays.
    • Deathrun.
Makeshift Bumble Beam
Stacking REDs on a very small platform, enabling collisions, & declaring them KoS if they fall off.
  • Normal Bumble Beam, however, is allowed without LR. In this case, normal would mean clearly existing on the map as a minigame.

Pokémon Day
REDs & BLUs melee fight each other in duels to either team's death. Trainers on both teams pick fighters.
  • Warden is automatically BLU team's trainer & must ask a trivia question to pick who gets to be RED's trainer, unless someone has picked themselves as it for LR.
    • You may pick others than yourself to be trainer when you get LR, however they can refuse it.
    • Trainers are the only ones who choose Pokémon (combatants).
    • Trainers may not pick themselves to fight until they are the last team member.
      • If there are Pokémon remaining on the other team, the trainer must defeat them before fighting the other team's trainer.
  • Triple battles max are allowed.
  • Only melee weapons & their effects are allowed.
  • Wardens may not give orders/days outside of Pokémon Day.
    • The exception is restricting movement/position of non-combatants & restricting where combatants fight.
  • No Last Guard.
Trivia in the cells. Whoever answers a question right is able to choose all the REDs in a cell to be KoS.
  • Must be started at the beginning of the round.
  • Trivia rules apply (besides the limit of 2 REDs KoS).
    • REDs who answer a question right can only choose one cell to be KoS.
Staff Enforced Days
These are days that are usually initiated by custom LRs, and can only be done while at least one staff member is online. A few examples are given, but players can come up with any similar days as long as staff are comfortable with doing them.
  • Class Wars: Both RED and BLU teams can be changed to be a class
  • Gravity Day: The gravity of all players is altered for the entirety of the round
  • Staff Attack Day: A special, chaotic day where staff can contribute any staff level commands into the round at their own discretion for the player's enjoyment.
    • This can include constant respawning, game altering commands, and things that can not normally be done in a round.

Banned Weapons
These weapons are disallowed. Normally they are automatically blocked, however they are listed here in case of exploits.
  • Amputator
  • Disguise Kits
  • Invis Watches
  • Pan

General Jail Rules
These rules apply to all players.
  1. REDs are auto-KoS for doing any of these, provided BLUs witnessing it:
    • Attack a BLU that isn't baiting (including projectiles).
    • Block doorways from closing.
    • Hit breakables leading to armory/ammo
    • Constantly mic-spam and/or talk over warden.
      • Warden must give a warning beforehand.
    • Enter armory/secret ammo spots.
    • Have ammo.
    • Heal rebels.
    • Leave cells before there is any order to go somewhere else (unless it's a Freeday).
    • Map exploit to prevent death.
  2. Rebels can be pardoned (save it not being favoritism/last RED).
  3. The same activity may not be run more than three rounds in a row.
  4. Warden impersonation is not allowed.
  5. If the warden has not given orders before the cells open, it's a Freeday.
  6. Excluding staff, nobody may speak over the warden.
  7. Upon warden's death, it is a Freeday, unless a BLU has taken their place.
    • Upon Warden's death, all orders/days are nullified, unless the warden taking their place has previous orders apply.
    • Upon Warden's death, all REDs are auto-pardoned, except REDs that have ammo, are in armory/ammo secrets, have attacked a non-baiting BLU, or have healed a RED performing one of these actions.
  8. Ghosting is forbidden. This means a dead person giving any info/influencing the game in any way.
    • The only exception to the ghosting rule is when any players are excessively delaying the end of the round & no staff are on.
  9. Do not delay/stall the round.
    • Camping Armory/Medic is not allowed.
      • However, if you are actively fighting, you may stay there for an extended period. You cannot permanently stay in either area.
    • Camping map-based teleportation entrances/exits is not allowed.
  10. No hiding in areas where you cannot be found or accessed, such as secret rooms that only work once or team-restricted areas.
    • Exception: you may hide in TARDIS during Hide & Seek.
  11. Do not deliberately spread false info about the game/rules.
  12. You must use the '/r' command to ask for a repeat.
    • You must be AFK to ask for a repeat & remain AFK for that repeat.
    • You are always allowed to ask for a repeat, even if it means postponing a current order (e.g. typing /r whilst crouch walking).
    • You must ask for a repeat within 10 seconds of the end of an order.
    • You must wait for an order to be done to ask for a repeat.
  13. REDs must always follow the last valid order. For trick orders that could be "partially" followed, you must still follow the last, "fully" valid order.

BLU Team Rules
These rules apply to all of BLU team, including warden.
  1. BLUs may not freehit/freekill.
    • Anything that will render you eligible for a kill assist, such as throwing projectiles, airblasting, or any other form of "non-damage" is considered freehit (even if to freeday players).
    • BLUs winning RPS is not freekill.
      • Similarly, REDs winning RPS is not rebelling.
      • However, BLUs intentionally accepting RPS taunts not meant for them is considered freekill.
  2. BLUs may not team hit/kill.
  3. BLUs may not break breakables/complete RED secrets (unless in response to rebels).
  4. Opening the cell doors before the round has started is not allowed.
  5. BLUs must have a clear mic for others to hear well.
    • Exception: if the guard team needs filling & there is no one willing to do so.
  6. Demos may not sticky trap.
    • You may sticky jump & use stickies (without trapping) in response to being attacked or rebels.
  7. BLUs may not shoot minigame projectiles nor run through Minefield at any point outside of DR.
    • Minigame projectiles refers to Box Game's boxes, soccer balls, etc.
  8. BLUs may not remove debuffs/buffs caused by LR, nor force REDs to do the same.
    • Warden, however, may restrict the use of items in an LR (grappling hooks, mediguns, etc.)
  9. Favoritism, which is giving certain players an advantage/disadvantage for unfair reasons, is strictly forbidden.
    • Only staff can define what favoritism is. However, some common examples are:
      • Allowing a RED to rebel because they are your friend.
      • Pardoning/killing one RED but not another for doing the same thing. (In this case, kill or pardon them all.)
    • Wardens must have at least one guard alive to vote during mini games that require it.
      • Warden may not be the only vote.
      • If all BLUs besides warden die over the course of the game, you must end it, even if REDs have died.
  10. Last Guard Rule: The last guard must either kill the remaining REDs or continue the round (go warden).
    • No LR may be given if the guard chooses to kill.
    • Last Guard does not mean only BLU. At least one BLU must have died after the round starts for this to apply.
  11. You cannot reset Deathrun.
    • If Deathrun is reset, then REDs must be allowed to exit it without activating any traps.

Guard Rules
These rules apply only to guards, not warden.
  1. Guards must listen to the warden at all times, outside of rule-breaking obviously.
  2. Guards may not roam and/or play mini-games unless the warden states they can or they are searching for rebels.
  3. Guards may not interfere with mini-games without warden's permission.
    • Any deaths caused by Guards wrongfully interfering with minigames will count as freekills/teamkills.

Warden Rules
These rules apply to the warden.
  • The following orders/days/games, or anything similar to them, are not allowed:
Banned Orders:
(These would also be disallowed as days/games.)
  • An unchanging order lasting longer than 5 minutes (e.g. doing Obby the entire round with no other orders throughout).
  • Defining orders/games in the rules as days (e.g. "Cell Wars Day").
  • Forcing REDs to do constant 360s/turning.
  • Restricting text-chat in any form.
  • Orders involving non-map features (i.e. you cannot use sprays, VIP lasers, etc. for orders).
    • Warden laser can be used.
  • Orders that force players to take damage/die. These include but are not limited to:
    • Ordering to go into an activatable mini-game.
    • Ordering a BLU to go into a crowd of REDs.
      • This includes placing markers directly on/in the path of a BLU.
    • Orders that involve exploiting map minigames.
      • Examples:
        • Restricting squares for Crush Game/9 Square.
        • Forcing REDs onto the bar of Sweeper.
        • Pressing the 4 Corners button multiple times.
      • Exceptions:
        • 1 per square on 9 Square.
        • One-Podium Sweeper (if not on red bar).
        • AFK during Fall Game.
  • Restricting '+use' during minigames that involve map buttons (e.g. Jeopardy).
  • Whoever jumps first gets LR.
    • This applies to similarly simple actions like crouching, 360'ing, etc.
Banned Days/Games:
  • Armory Tour
  • Opposite Day: This is warden stating all of their orders are to be followed to the opposite extent.
  • Peace Day: Turning on FF & telling REDs not to kill each other.
  • Shoot or Don't Shoot: This is asking REDs to choose between a BLU shooting or not shooting another RED.
  • Triangle Game: Having REDs stand in a triangle formation & choose a RED to die without seeing the others' choices.
  • Trust Fund: If one RED rebels, other REDs are KoS as a result.
  • Any days forcing voice commands.
  • Any days regarding looking.
    • This includes "look up day," "look down day," "360 day," etc.
  • Custom days created by the warden with more than three identifiable steps.
  1. Commands only apply if said through voice-chat. Exceptions are:
    • Asking questions through warden-chat.
    • Orders through text-/warden-chat if the server has 10 or less players & needs wardens.
  2. Warden must have a clear mic & give orders clearly (e.g. no orders with multiple negatives or trick orders involving similarly-pronounced words).
  3. Warden must explain fully any orders/days/games they use unless they are already listed in the rules or are completely self-explanatory (e.g. Crouch/No Crouch Day).
    • Any custom days/games may not infringe upon any of the REDs' protections in the rules.
  4. Friendly fire activities can only be done once every three rounds. However, wasting FF is not allowed.
    • Wasting FF is defined as turning on FF solely to reset the cooldown timer, such as switching FF on & off very quickly.
  5. Guard Slay is an ability given to the warden to slay rule-breakers; misuse is strictly prohibited. The warden may slay guards when applicable, provided they witness them breaking a rule. Warden cannot slay off the word of players alone.
    • BLUs may not be slain for offenses in previous rounds with the exception of repeat mass freekills.
    • Staff may allow/disallow vote-slaying when they are online at their discretion.
    • Only staff are allowed to do Mic Checks.
  6. Warden cannot lie about anything that affects the round.
  7. Warden must give one repeat per order unless a RED doesn't request it.
  8. Warden must comply with an LR. Exceptions are listed in the LR/DR Rules section.
  9. REDs must be allowed at least one method of communication at all times.
    • You cannot give orders or initiate days/games that require constant keyboard use & then mute them.
      • This does not count for orders telling REDs to travel somewhere within a reasonable distance & a set end.
  10. The warden’s last order overrides all previous orders if the order contradicts them, except during a day; days always override orders.
  11. If warden is last guard, they must choose if they want to kill all REDs or finish the round normally.
    • Once they pick either, they must commit to it. If they choose to kill all REDs, they must unwarden ('/uw') right away & not give any further orders.
  12. Freehit REDs must be allowed to fully heal in some way if they are about to do a game reliant on HP (e.g. Arena, Minefield).
    • BLUs who intentionally freehit REDs when the warden is about to/is doing an HP-based minigame may be slain without warning.
  13. Warden can only use the respawn ('/wrespawn') command for REDs who were freekilled.
    • Respawning all REDs before orders have been given is allowed.
  14. Warden may give orders that force taunts, but only if the correct command to type in chat to initiate the taunt is given.

Other Rulings
These are rulings that do not fit into the above categories.
  1. If warden says the line in front of cells, it is considered to be the first line in front of cells, ergo the closest one.
  2. Here markers are a type of warden marker.
    • Here markers are always warden markers, but warden markers are not always here markers.
    • It's assumed when you are ordered to head to a warden marker that you are required to go to further markers until told otherwise.
  3. To be considered "in" a warden marker, you must be within or close to (in the case of collisions) the surrounding circle, or within the z-axis length of the pole.
  4. What is defined as cheating a mini-game must be clarified by the warden, as it is a technique based upon how they word their orders.
  5. However, by default, you cannot cheat activatable mini-games.
    • Some examples of cheating activatable mini-games:
      • Jumping out of Sweeper.
      • Leaving Nine Square.
    • Some examples of games that are not activatable mini-games:
      • Obby on Jb_Minecraft.
      • Minefield.
  6. Being in physical doorways/entryways to areas is considered being in them. This also applies to:
    • Standing in the cell door or any other exits of the cell.
    • Standing on the armory door, in secret entrances with ammo access, or being in any alternative entry.
  7. For our purposes, going from the water to a raised area (such as a Sweeper podium) is considered "jumping".
  8. Racing is allowed when all participants are equal in speed and start time.
    • Extremely short races should not be done at the start of the round.
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Change-log 20/8/2022:


  • Added under trivia that vague answers cannot be considered correct, unless otherwise stated by the Warden.
  • Unbanned Drip-or-Drown and made it a regular mini-game.
  • For Simon Says, no more than two of the game may be stacked.
Special Activities:
  • Added that the first round on a new map load-in is a freeday (first day freeday).
Last Request-Only Mini-Games:
  • During Hide & Seek, REDs that are in armory during the hiding phase are now allowed to be killed, regardless if they attack BLUs or not.
  • Unbanned Makeshift Bumble Beam (Stacking REDs on a very small platform, enabling collisions, & declaring them KoS if they fall off.) and made it an LR only minigame.
  • Added Staff Enforced Days as official days to the LR-Only Mini-Games list
    • Staff Enforced Days include, but are not limited to, Class Wars, Gravity Day, Staff Attack Day, etc.
Banned Weapons:
  • Unbanned the Eureka Effect.
General Jail Rules:
  • Changed the ruling on auto-pardoning to exclude only REDs that have ammo, are in armory/ammo secrets, have attacked a non-baiting BLU, or have healed a RED performing one of these actions.
Warden Rules:
  • Added as rule #13, "Warden can only use the respawn ('/wrespawn') command for REDs who were freekilled. Respawning all REDs before orders have been given is allowed."
  • Added as rule #14, "Warden may give orders that force taunts, but only if the correct command to type in chat to initiate the taunt is given."
Other Rulings:
  • Unbanned racing and added as rule #8, "Racing is allowed when all participants are equal in speed and start time. Extremely short races should not be done at the start of the round."
  • Better wording to clarify that reds hitting armory/ammo breakables is auto-KoS.
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