25x Mann Co Key Giveaway!

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Feb 2021
Greetings! I am hosting a 25 Mann co Key giveaway! One lucky winner will be chosen from an online name generator. Here is how it will work:
Each user who submits the provided google form will have their Steam ID entered into a random name generator, when the random users Steam ID is chosen, they will be added to friends and sent a trade request offering them 25 Mann Co keys (which is also enough to buy VIP+!)

How to enter:
Simply click on the text below and enter your Steam ID and Discord (including the #), do not send multiple submissions of the same discord/steam id, otherwise they will not be counted.

Giveaway will end July 10th, 7:30 PM EST, make sure you are in before then.

Google Form: WLN.TF Keys Giveaway Entry Form
congrats to guac (guac#1865) for winning the key giveaway, i have sent the keys to your account, enjoy! i am also announcing my ""retirement"" from tf2, it kinda just fell out of me, its been really fun, with over 57.4 gigabytes of funny clips and moments related to wln, rust seems to be my new favorite game, if you want to play that then just hit me up, later!
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