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Aug 12, 2022
this is a thread talking to myself like an insane person but its ok so yeah
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drunkle youre so real for that your my number 1 wln member ever and your cool and beautiful in a personality sense and you are cool and also your cool because of how yeah
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yeah also this gif you made is super cool even though it kinda took the whole day figuring out how the gif bot maker works but u did it and now u can make people laugh or yourself more importantly. kinda selfish but your still real not everyone can be perfect (also a horrible way to look at things for some of the part).
also like kinda weird to think about it but like you unconciously are stupid and you dont know what for and just like everyone else you wont know. youd be really lucky to figure that out but idk people are too nice to not tell you or, maybe even selfish to not? isnt that interesting? on one half it makes u look good on one half but on another its selfish to not do it. that could be you just being sensative or critcally thinking or something. holy crap my brain is kinda large or maybe it isnt (back to the thing i was saying before).
anyways as im typing this i hear the keyboard and the keyboard noises suck becauses its this plasticy 40$ logitech gaming keyboard so for christmas i recommend getting this keyboard instead (link:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TGQ7CN...ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_lstpd_7XDNEANJMARR4G8C7ZQB). also in my mind is that might get taken down because it its a link but to be honest i dont know what the rule is on sending links on wln forums just because im being protective and stuff.
im trying to think about things to say. heres one, rn im listening to metamorphosis by playboi carti this song is super good and i like how kid cudi is on the song but people say otherwise isnt that wild? of course people have opinions but majority says that his singing in the song sucks! (kid cudi i mean). i mean its totally ridicilous his voice is cool.
okay next thing i just realized now to format this big thread message into colors and indent so its nicer on eyes maybe for any other insane people who wanna read this
next: a thread from 3 days ago and a year its just a shitpost thread of me saying question mark balls day which is a day i used to do for when i went warden and a lot of people liked it. i had an objector with the decal saying question mark balls day and it was silly :p . anyways usually for the day i would just say "Today's gonna be question mark balls day, question mark balls day is defined as bombrush to all of my warden markers and afk afm at them (i used to think it was actually afkfm but its afk afm :p ). I'll be giving one repeat per order any repeats?" they spend !r and i give them a repeat as i do. then when we arrive to our destination i say question mark day is over and we go through the minigame. my brain is saying the specfic mini game is obby on dynf v10 .
I also remember how wonderland.tf did "dynf 10" for so long and people probably got fed up with it but i thought its just how wonderland.tf .
Until kinda recently (3 to 4 weeks ago prolly more) I found out wonderland.tf was actually called kitty.tf before both servers joined each other (thats complete bullshit. i totally made up the part where i said "before both servers joined each other" but i guess im just gonna lie because im done with this part and tired of it tbh.
:blobnomcookie: My wln.tf profile picture is symbioite suit spiderman arising from his grave and i'd like to give context of that spiderman comic i remember pretty well for being awesome. basically this is the part i remember theres this guy in spiderman named kraven the hunter real outdoorys looking guy he wears animal fur and is nonetheless fucking ripped !! basically he wore spidermans suit at the time being the symbiote suit and killed civilians and mary jane (spidermans redheaded pretty girlfriend) has a feeling that isnt peter (spiderman) so she runs and tells spiderman but its too late ! spiderman and kraven fight each other in the same costume looking cool and GUESS WHAT! (if you see the bold part dont read from here instead read from the start of the dark purple section ill add a emoji.) kraven kills spiderman !. so lalalala spiderman realives himself and attempts to snatch kraven but instead kraven gives up and maybe unalives himself cant remember. anyways thats the story of my profile picture.
I go bye bye i wanna see reactions because i want attention cya

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heres the gif i was talking about in light green: https://media.giphy.com/media/v9aBzpujJqAvhfPnoA/giphy-downsized-large.gif
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