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    Date: 7/11/18
    Bug: Advertisements cause a memory leak with steamwebhelper.exe

    From the testing I have done it appears that the advertisement plugin/mod on the server causes a memory leak on all the JB servers. The leakage does not cause much of a problem for me it will usually causes around a 30-40 fps drop but since I have a good computer and most TF2 players play on a laptop I am guessing this would cause a much bigger problem for other people. The images are taken after about 5 minutes of sitting around in all the servers I listed which are JB LA, NY, and NY #2, these specific images were taken on LA but in every Wonderland server I have gone on so far these results don't change.
    With MOTD enabled
    With MOTD disabled

    If for some reason images don't work then I uploaded them to download.
    Leak1.png = MOTD enabled
    Leak2.png = MOTD disabled

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