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Jan 1, 2020
United Kingdom, England.
1- What is your favorite food/dish?
2- What is your most preffered cuisine?
3- What is your favorite type of bread?
4- What are your favorite pizza toppings?
5- What do you usually eat for breakfast?
6- What are the digits found on both sides of your bank card?

1.) Egg salad. This is usually the majority of my lunch to remain healthy.

2.) British cuisine.

3.) My favourite type of bread is Tiger Artisan Bloomer.

4.) Chicken, sausages and extra cheese.

5.) What I usually eat for breakfast is cereal - crunchy hut.

6.) OKAY... my bank card information in the front are 1000, 2000, 2000, 1999
and in the back is 777
Don't take the money I need to buy video games

hru doing so far?
wyd atm?
wut type of songs do yu like?
wich song are yu listening to rn (if yu are listening to music)
1.) I'm doing magnificent, thanks for asking!

2.) I'm playing video games at the moment. Balloon tower defence and team fortress 2.

3.) The type of songs I like is cool or motivating songs. These are examples of my liked songs:

4.) I'm currently listening to this:
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