Accepted An appeal for my ban.

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Jun 4, 2021
1.) - ban profile link:

2.) - So I was just having some fun with my friends on a trade server when I decided to play sniper I decided to joke about lmaobox, but since I joked about it only like 2-3 times, I wasn't told anything by anyone and all of a sudden it appeared I got kicked and a message said I was banned permanently.

3.) - I would like to get unbanned since I was uninformed that even making jokes out of those stuff would be a bannable offense, and the reporter didn't warn me before I got banned, if I knew that making jokes out of those stuff was actually bannable, I'd never make those jokes, since I never brake any rules if I have information on what they are, yes I know what are bannable offenses with common sense, but again, I didn't know that joking about it is bannable, and I'd never do it again since I've learned that no matter what, what I did was a bannable offense, jokes or not, I'd just like to make a second chance to be back with my friends to play on the trade server I've been playing in since I started playing in.

I'm really sorry for my actions, I know it isn't original sounding and I sound like a broken record at this point, but I really am sorry, I just want to hang out with my friends again since that's one of the only few servers we'd play in, other than casual, I know this is just a repost, but I've tried to mature from this, and I know 1 month isn't much but I've learnt my lesson, and I will never repeat my actions that have lead to my ban.
Not open for further replies.