An update to v12


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Feb 18, 2021
united states
heya its me again, today i wanted to write down what me and mega have been doing in hammer the past couple of weeks

so first to start off we fixed ALOT of clipping bugs (where textures would be inside other textures, creating a weird visual effect), we made the choice of adding a snow biome to make it more dynamic, it will probably have some stuff in it, maybe not, its not what were focusing on right now but we will get to it.

we are working on a new dimension!! the end, we plan to put 5 - 10 minigames in there and make it possibly the biggest dimension on the map heres a list of some of the minigames we have in mind!
(PS, we may or may not add these minigames, as some of them could be too difficult to implement)
Mario Kart themed racing
New deathrun traps
Dig race
Stairway to heaven
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