Declined Another appeal of the same ban

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Aug 21, 2021
Well, here I am again. In my last appeal, I wrote everything I wanted to say. However, cheating is not forgiven under any pretext - I understand that. The fact is that I did not enter the match on the server with the cheat client. I didn’t even have time to enter the game, as I immediately flew to the main menu. My repeated attempts were unsuccessful. I also found myself in the lobby of the game. Only after some time, when I logged in again, I realized that I was banned from the server. As I understand it, too many functions were included in the hack, apparently the server noticed a heavy load from one player. Well, moving away from this technical part, I just wanted to say that I did not inflict even a unit of damage to any player who played on your server. Not even looked through a single wall with the help of cheat functions.
The server rules only say that the use of cheats as such is prohibited. However, please note that it does not specify whether this rule only applies to players using exploits against other players directly, or against players who generally have a cheat client. As a result, I can partially declare my indirect, mind you, only INDIRECT innocence. I have no right to decide whether I am guilty or not - since this debt lies with you.
In conclusion, I just want to say that I fully realized my fault, but I repeat - I never used cheats against players on your server. What's more, neither of my mercenary's two digital legs touched the floor of your spawn, or even ended up within it. I flew out of the session without having time to log in. In my final conclusion, I just want to say that this debt lies with you, please understand me as a person who has committed stupid things.

Sincerely, LisiyBobr
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Oops, i forgot to put a link of a ban
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Jun 16, 2018
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As previously mentioned, cheating is not tolerated in our servers, directly or indirectly. You attempting to coat the actual 'apology' letter with a whole book with technical details about how your cheat was 'indirect' isn't helping either, considering you're just attempting to look more innocent than not, which cannot be the case with the pSilent detections. Appeal declined; You can appeal again in the 23rd of October.
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