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User name: Neme6

1.) Include your ban link:

2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned:
I was banned because I think someone reported me for abusing my VIP? Basically what happened is that I was a spy going invisible and using the tiny mann rtd effect to slip through a crack somewhere in the world into the enemy spawn. They started putting up sentries and had 4 engies at a point so I kept sneaking in. Those 4 players were so paranoid and did anything they could to try and kill me ex: going pyro and spraying fire everywhere. I never killed anyone and never intended to, but they called it VIP abuse and reported me for being toxic as well? I got a little heated I will admit, but people have openly said the n word multiple times and like basically everyone has porn as their spray.

3.) Tell us why we should unban you:
I believe everyone deserves a second chance, I spent 25 keys for VIP+ because I enjoy the community and just playing on there is a good time. I've played nearly every single day since I joined the server even when I wasn't VIP+. I feel my ban was unjust and I promise to not abuse my VIP and to not break any rules ever again.


Admin ★
Jul 13, 2017
Not only did you use your VIP perks to resize yourself as opposed to rtd effects, you purposely and repeatedly killed players despite being resized and using jetpack. On top of that you said you wanted to enter the opposing team's spawn which is not permitted either.
Basically in 2.) you claim not to have abused VIP, yet in 3.) you say you have abused your perks and you would never do it again.

Therefore I will not lift your ban.

Appeal denied.

PS: Your ban will expire tomorrow. Further VIP abuse will result in a lengthy ban.
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