Accepted Appealing a gag/mute

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Oct 29, 2019
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1.) Include your ban profile link, if applicable:

2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned:
I was muted + gagged for a week due to saying a slur, this was during jailbreak, the slur used was which is obviously not allowed.

3.) Tell us why we should unban you:
This is just part of my normal vocabulary, and I tend to slip when speaking, though I'm trying my best to limit the usage of these words, especially these days.. I also believe that a 1 week mute + gag for saying the word in question once is slightly overboard, typically I would only see a 1 day mute/gag put in place for things like this, which is more of a reason why I am appealing. I'm not asking for a complete removal, just a shortening of it, since I believe 1 week is too much, however I understand if you choose not to as the word I used is inappropriate.
Not open for further replies.