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Nov 20, 2018
These are some common questions we get in, so if you're having trouble, please read this first!


Q: "Who are the staff?"

Q: "Help! I can't join your servers!"
A: Most likely, your name is too short or contains characters not allowed.

Q: "I donated to get VIP, and I still don't have it. What gives?"
A: Sometimes, it takes a day to go through, so please be patient! Otherwise, contact @Xypher for further issues regarding VIP.

Q: "I need help on this server!"
A: The best way to get a hold of staff is through our Discord server or through the use of /calladmin.

Q: "This server is getting bad, and there are no staff available. What should I do?"
A: If you can, make a report including evidence. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

Q: "I've been banned, and I don't know what to do?"
A: You can either serve out your ban, or appeal it here.

Q: "I would like to apply for staff. Where do I go?"
A: You need to go to this. Also, make sure to read this.


Q: "Can I check how many hours I've played?"
A: Yep. Just go on our discord to the bot channel, then type "wln!p <steamid/steamprofilehere>"

Q: "My items that I bought from the store isn't showing up. What should I do?"
A: This is sometimes a minor glitch that fixes itself after a server reset. If it's persistent, you should contact @Xypher.

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