Death Battle


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Jul 15, 2017
Unsure how many people here are actually interested in it, but if anyone is interested to discuss Death Battle here.

It's a show on YouTube where two fictional characters are analyzed to see which one of them would win in a fight to the death, with a cool animation made to portray them fighting. While sometimes the results on who would win is debatable, nonetheless I've found this to be really entertaining. Highly reccomend it.

Anyway, if you already know about Death Battle, then I'll cut to the chase: Here's the trailer for the first episode of Season 5, which will be Black Panther vs Batman.
Kind of disappointed it's another Batman match-up tbh, since we've already had two ones in the past but w/e. From what I've heard, most people believe Black Panther is going to win due in part to his Vibranium suit. I myself don't know much about that character so I can't make my own prediction ATM, though perhaps after the character previews are released I will.