Deeeeep - W.I.P

Feb 1, 2019
Hello as usual this is Bio Medic, in this conversation i will be telling you small details about my new map Deeeeep. Currently it has not been finished it may finish sometime this weekend or next week. Deeeeep will take the most time out of all of my maps due to its high detail. For those of you who do not know Deeeeep, Deeeeep is basically an underwater facility filled with many sectors and rooms, it is quite large in height and width because alot of people like the idea of having a large map to move around in. This map will be added to the zombie server. As usual i will make sure there are FAIR SPAWNPOINTS for the zombies for example, Zombies might spawn in vents that protect them from being spawn camped and they have to crawl throughout these ventilation systems to reach certain areas or rooms to spread their infection. I will make sure these vents stretch out throughout the entire facility so the humans never know where they might get attacked. ( I hope this plan terrifies survivors ). I added a spawn zone for humans so they dont die when they change class, if you are like me you will find your score go down when you die which i find annoying so i added a human spawn where it doesnt kill you to switch class or loadout. I have also added resupply containers in the human spawn so they dont have to switch classes and go back to the same class similar to the valve spawn rooms. Deeeeep will have one seceret that i will make it hard to obtain. (most of you guys should know the seceret because i have said it multiple times on the zombie server). If you dont know what the seceret is, it is basically a facility failure that causes some areas to lockdown or get flooded by the deep sea water. This map is by far the largest map i have been working on. Some areas in the facility have power failures which means it will be dark or it will have emergancy lights blinking constantly. ( this also adds to a bit of panic and caution in players [i hope that idea works ] )

Questions: If you guys have any questions or ideas please, please, please let me know so i can take them into consideration so i can make my map have a better preformance and so i can make it much more fun for you guys to enjoy. I will try to make video clips on my maps to demonstrate every detail, room, area, and etc.

Thank you guys for giving me alot of support i appreciate all the ideas and reccomendations that you guys give whenever im on the zombie server however, whenever i write these posts most of you guys do not respond to them, i would like it if you guys were to respond because it would give more ideas, questions, recommendations, and more from you guys