Technical Dragon's fury glitch in Jailbreak


wln!t oreobite
Moderator ★
Jan 8, 2019
Gamemode: Jailbreak
Date: 7/05/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)
Bug: In order for this glitch to work someone must join the RED team right after connecting to the server. The red must pick the pyro class and must have the dragon's fury equipped. As soon as the red will get ammo he will notice something very annoying: after firing a single dragon's fury shot the weapon will become pretty much useless as it will take a full 14 seconds for the next shot to be shot. The only way to get rid of this irritating glitch is by quitting the server entirely as joining blue or suiciding wont fix that. This glitch wont work if you decide to spawn as a BLU as soon as you connect to the server.