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TF2C Engineer on offense

Sep 12, 2022
Can you make Engineer on offense actually worth basically anything? Right now he sucks on offense. The Rush order pda uses stock buildings ( bad, use the mini models please ) and makes the building hard to differentiate, and the mini dispenser is better hidden. He has no good health increasing items, making sentries fire projectiles make them near useless. The only things that increase his health aren't worthwhile, the Masterkey makes sentries near useless, and the Pipboy 1950 makes buildings in general so much worse. The Classic protector ( Kevlar Vest ) makes engineer unable to do just about anything by himself, only useful for the dumb jetpack flank ( Rushing through everyone with 200+ hp ) He needs more health, and better balancing on offense. I actively play on Wonderland and the other custom weapons servers, the other ones do a better job balancing, and are more updated. The Rush order on their server is better, as it doesn't have the major downside of projectiles, as that's overkill, fragile buildings are fragile, and are destroyed often. But projectiles make the sentry wortheless.