Fat Scout Shootout Tournament!!!!


Nov 13, 2020
Fat Scout Shootout Tournament
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Fall is rolling up soon meaning an event is coming up and coming up fast! I will be hosting a Fat Scout tournament! This event will consist of a payload-style map featuring the Heavy alongside his vast array of shotguns and fists. Sign-up now to bear witness to an event with thrilling moments, action, and prizes. Bring your A-game on for 3 maps of payload consisting of Badwater, Upward, and Pier. A best of 3 matches so whoever wins gets prizes alongside whoever places higher gets to pick their prizes first so give it your all!

This event will take place on September 18th at 2:00 P.M. EST and will be a one-day event.

Prizes will consist of War Paints, Skin Weapons, Cosmetics, In-game credits, and much more! If anyone wants to give in anything to contribute to prizes you may.

You can sign-up by responding to this post below with your discord name so we may ping you on our discord once the event starts.

Rules: You must be in our discord server to participate so that you may converse with your teammates. Remember you may only use a shotgun or fists for this event and nothing more. You cannot have any active bans in our community since this will take place on our servers. You must also follow server rules in discord and in-game.

Good luck and may the best team win!