Favorite YouTuber/channel?


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Sep 12, 2019
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I don't really have a favorite, but I'll list a couple of my favorites for the different reasons I would rate them highly, in no particular order:
  • Sidemen
    • I love the Sidemen since they do weird challenges, vlogs, and all whilst being genuine and unapologetically British in humour. Being Scottish, I can relate to their humour and all members have their own special trait that makes them great. They upload 1-4 times a week main and second channel so they're not very frequent, but when they upload, it is 100% worth watching every single time.
  • Domics
    • I love the off-the-script, casual style of storytelling that Domics does, especially with his cute artstyle. I love when he's with his friends for things like hypotheticals, him and his friends have awesome personalities.
  • OfflineTV
    • Similarly to the Sidemen, but North American-based. They have a lot more of slice-of-life stuff instead of variety shows, but I enjoy their personalities.
  • MKBHD / UrAvgConsumer / randomfrankp / Brandon Taylor / BadSeedTech
    • I love tech channels since I love to keep up with all tech, such as PCs, mobiles, anything gaming, and hobbyist stuff like mice, keyboards, and audio.
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Sep 13, 2019
1. Wolfychu - She sounds like me, so I can relate to how she feels about herself and her voice.
2. TF2 Channel - This channel is a classic bc of all the Meet The Team videos from eras ago (seemingly)
3. Skymin - She's a Medic main, I'm a Medic main, makes good videos, I like good videos.
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