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Nov 20, 2018
Forum Moderation Guide

When giving warnings, make sure to let the author know what is happening as well. It may not always be apparent. Also, make sure to take proper other action (moving thread to proper place, deleting posts, etc.)

Send any inquiries about offenses not listed here to any senior-admin or above.

All community and forum rules apply; If you don't know how to punish someone, ask the Forum Manager (Currently @Sezei), any HA or @Xypher for the appropriate punishment.

If someone has already has a warning regarding an offense they broke, add a permanent 10 warning points with the reasoning of 'Repeat Offense'.

Minor Offenses (10 warning points for 1 month):
  • Posting in the wrong subforum.
  • Posting on staff related threads without permission.
  • Spamming replies to an existing topic.
Moderate Offenses (20 warning points for 1 month):
  • Toxicity.
    • Usage of slurs, regardless of reasoning, will be counted as hate speech; Use the Hate Speech warning for that.
  • Spamming new topics.
Major Offenses (50 warning points for 1 month):
  • Use of any kind of hate speech. (Homophobia, Racism, Etc)
  • Spamming in staff-based sections such as appeals/reports.
  • Intentionally disrupting subforums by spamming them or posting unrelated content.
Severe Offenses (100 warning points for 1 month):
  • NSFW content.
Very Severe Offenses (permanent 100 warning points):
  • Posting cheats/scams or advertising.
  • Extremely illegal topics (Pedophilia, etc)
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Guidelines Updated! (08/01/2023)
Removed redundant rulings and added the following sections;
  • Renamed Severe to Very Severe, and Moderate to Major.
  • Added 2 new sections, both for 20-point warnings and 100-point non-permanent warnings.
  • Repeat offenses now stack as 15 points for each offense after the first one.
  • Changed the guidelines;
    • Added NSFW content as a 1-month punishment.
    • Added warnings for spamming.
    • Added warnings for intentional disruption.
    • Lowered the toxicity offense to 20 points instead of 50. (as long as there's no usage of slurs)
    • Reworded a few of the existing guidelines.
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