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Forum Rules

Most of these rules are also present in the General rules and are applicable to our forums.

General Rules
  1. Hate speech of any format, or otherwise offensive/inappropriate language, is not tolerated.
    • Do not indulge in any form of political, religious, racial discussion, or abuse.
  2. Regardless of your language of origin, only English is allowed.
  3. Remain respectful.
    • Do not insult others, nor engage in flaming.
      • Flaming - "To engage in an online argument usually involving unfounded personal attacks by one or more parties."
    • Any member continually making posts that are negative or appear solely designed to incite disruptive debates will be suspended.
    • Do not threaten or spread misinformation against others or the community.
  4. Do not engage in any form of spam (creating pointless threads and/or replies).
    • Do not shitpost outside of the intended subforum.
      • Use this for shitposting.
  5. Do not post NSFW content.
    • NSFW (“Not safe for work”) - "Images, videos, or some other form of Internet post that wouldn't be appropriate for workplace viewing."
    • This includes pornography, gore, or otherwise egregiously disturbing content.
  6. No advertising of any form.
    • This includes (but is not limited to) other communities, social media, and cheating software.
    • No url shorteners / masked links / ref. links / links containing advertisements.
  7. No backseat-modding.
    • Instead, use the Report function for posts.
  8. Do not abuse any forum function (Report function, etc..)

Administrative Section
  1. Do not reply to others’ staff applications, player reports, or appeals.
    • Refer to stickied threads on proper procedures on how to add info and/or relative concerns to an administrative thread.
  2. You may reply to bug reports, help desk inquiries, and suggestions if you have relative info.
  3. For suggestions, use polls to vote on suggestions, rather than +/-. They will not be taken into consideration.

Avatars & Images
  1. Do not use overly flashy/eye-straining GIFs that could cause epileptic seizure.
  2. They should not be offensive or insensitive.
    • Avatars and signatures that offend decency, or may give rise to offense, will be removed immediately.
  3. Signatures should be a reasonable size, and may be removed if not.

PM/Messaging System
  1. The rules above apply. Don’t abuse/spam via PM.
    • If you receive an abusive/spam PM, press the report button or forward it to any staff member for further action.
Threads & Necroposting

  1. Staff reserve the right to close/delete any threads that may be in violation with our rules, or by any interpretation of them to keep the forums safe and friendly.
    • Staff may also move any thread to a different subforum for any given reason, such as improper placement.
  2. Do not necropost threads with no discussion value.
    • Necropost - "To reply to threads that have not been used/posted on for an extended period of time."
    • However, you may reply to threads that do have relative discussion merit, such as a discussion about favorite TF2 classes.
      • A thread with timeless discussion merit VS. a thread with a limited discussion time-frame.
    • Staff may close/give warnings in regards to threads/posts that have out stayed their welcome.

Staff Moderation
  1. You may not request IP addresses, usernames, passwords, or e-mails from us.
  2. You may acquire warnings for breaking any of the rules.
  3. Staff decisions are final.
    • We reserve the right to suspend your account for violating our rules.
    • Do not lie to, argue with, or disrespect staff.
  4. Staff have final say in the interpretation of any rule
    • Staff reserve the right to add or amend rules at any time to close loopholes or to keep the forums a friendly and fair place.
  5. Protests/complaints or forum suspension appeals must be directed to the proper sources.
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Forum rules update Sept. 16 2019:

Most of the rules have been rearranged or reworded, please go over them all.

To brief the changes:
  • Added "Administrative Section" and "Staff Moderation" sections, both with mostly new rules.
  • Removed "Forum Rules," "Requests & Help," and "Warning System" sections.
    • This does not mean any rules listed under these are gone.
  • Changed rules against offensive language, disrespect, spam, NSFW content, advertising, avatars/images, and PMs.
  • Added rule against abusing Report function.


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Nov 2018
Changelog 31/3/2020

  • Organized rules to better reflect other rules templates.
  • Combined rules that were within the same vein.
  • Rewrote a few rules to be more clear.
  • Added bulletin under Administrative Section to help clarify what is not allowed under said subforum.
  • Added that Signatures should be a reasonable size.
  • Added new section "Threads & Necroposting" to help determine what is and is not allowed in terms of posting.
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