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Jul 11, 2017
Forum Rules
  • No offensive or inappropriate language
  • Do not insult other people
  • Do not post or link pornographic, offensive or disturbing content
  • No flaming or spamming.
  • Do not open pointless topics.
  • Do not double post. (Use the edit button!)
  • Absolutely no warez or any other illegal content.
  • No url shorteners / masked links / ref. links / links containing advertisements.
  • No backseat-modding. | Info
General Rules
  • Refrain from speaking a different language other than English.
  • Be polite and do not disrespect anyone who does not share the same views/opinion as you.
  • Do not indulge in any form of political, religious, racial discussion or abuse.
  • Any member continually making posts that are negative or appear solely designed to incite disruptive debates - will be suspended.
PM/Messaging System
  • Don’t abuse/spam using the PM system.
  • If you receive an abusive/spam PM, press the report button or forward it to any staff member for further action.
  • The PM system should not be used as a means of advertising, in any form.
Avatars & Images
  • Do not use flashy gif's that could cause epileptic seizure
  • They should not be offensive or insensitive. Avatars and signatures that offend decency, or may give rise to offence, will be removed immediately.
Requests & Help
  • IP addresses, usernames, passwords, emails can not be requested.
Warning System
  • You may acquire a warning by breaking any of the above mentioned rules.
  • Moderator/Admin decisions are final.
  • Continued disregard for the rules will result in a permanent ban.
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