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Jul 11, 2017
General Rules

Respect your fellow members and the community's staff.
Insulting one and another will not be tolerated.

No hate speech of any format.
Do not excessively swear or scream profanities.
Advertising other communities is not allowed
any other links are up to staff interpretation.

No matter where you're from, it'd be appreciated if you could stick to English only so that most people (especially staff members) can understand you.

Do not mic-spam under any circumstances.
Do not Chat spam under any circumstances.
Don't use any sorts of exploits (Name hacks, Aimbot, Spinbot etc.).
No pornographic or offensive sprays.
Don't provide any misinformation about our community.
Do not threaten to damage/hack our servers.

Our staff are perfectly competent - respect their work and don't start any pointless arguments.
(This also goes for regular players too, do not start pointless arguments.)

Do not spawn trap or spawn camp
Staff have final say on what is spawncamp/trapping

Do not abuse the report/voteban system.
Do not argue with an admin, if you have a complaint
Post it on the forums or contact the admin or a higher ranked admin privately.

Do not lie to staff.
Staff have final say in the interpretation of any rule
Staff reserve the right to add or amend rules at any time to close loopholes
or to keep the server a friendly and fair place.

Revealing staff are online is an offense.
(Unless they have already made themselves known.)

Point farming is not allowed.
Farming points on our stats is not allowed, and may result in your stats getting erased.

Teleporting enemies into spawn/glitching maps is not allowed.

We discourage idling on combat-focused servers (with an autobalance system, e.g. Orange & 2Fort) for an extended period of time. Go to spectator if you need to AFK.
Not open for further replies.