Have you ever been scammed?

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Apr 7, 2020
Inside the Cells of Jailbreak
I got scammed once in my time playing TF2 and that was basically when I was a decent trader. I fell for an obvious scam where they say they will pay me an unusual and australium for joining their team. Idk how I fell for this obvious scam but, since it was only 100$ dollars it was fine but, it was still 100$ dollars. Now I know what to expect when coming against obvious scams and to take precautions by avoiding these types of scams.
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Deleted member 8006

Thankfully I have never been scammed before, but there have been A LOT of scammers lately trying to scam me, which is n o t c o o l

However, a lot of my friends have been scammed, which one of them lost their whole inventory, which really sucks. However, he built up his inventory again, which is good.