Declined Hoovys Second Application :)

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Spooky Co

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Apr 2020
Requirements: (all marked with * are mandatory)
  • No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ ✓ ]
  • Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ ✓ ]
  • No active bans on the community. | Info [ ✓ ] *
  • At least 13+ years old (preferred 15 -18+.) [ ✓ ] *
    • What is your birthdate?: 1/23/2007
  • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 500+ hours. [ ✓ ]
    • How many hours? 1,537.5 Hours
  • No limited/F2P Steam account. | Info [ ✓ ]
  • Have a server connection time of more than: 48+ hours. [ ✓ ]*
  • No private Steam profile. [ ✓ ]*
  • You must have sufficient discord/forum activity. (Forum account for at least one week, along with 5+ posts.) [ ✓ ]*
  • If you are missing any requirements, please explain why:
Personal Info:
  • Your Steam ID:
  • Your Discord Handle: Spooki Co.#6043
  • Where are you from? (Timezone/Country): EDT/US
  • Do you have a working microphone?: Yes.

  • When are you mostly available to administrate on the servers?: Weekdays: I come home from school at 3:00 pm and I go to sleep at 9:00 pm (I can possibly answer helpdesk questions and moderate the chat at school on my phone, but probably at lunch and between classes.) On weekends I am mostly on all the time. I sometimes go somewhere for a day or 2 for the weekend.

  • Which server(s) do you usually play on and what time?:
    ★ WonderLand IL ⋙ Jailbreak ▬ Custom(If I were to become mod I would come on this server first when I come home)
    ★ WonderLand NY ⋙ Jailbreak ▬ Custom
    ★ WonderLand ⋙ Jailbreak ▬ Custom!
    ★ WonderLand NY ⋙ Jailbreak #2
    But if I'm getting bored/sick of jailbreak I usually play,
    ★ WonderLand IL ⋙ Trading! ▬ FREE ITEMS!
    ★ WonderLand IL ⋙ 2Fort ▬ No Intel
    ★ WonderLand US ⋙ Deathrun ▬ CUSTOM!

  • Have you ever held an administrator/moderator position for another community?: I am the owner of my own server (which has 20 people, not including bots) but unfortunately there are rarely any messages, maybe 2 or 4 per week.
    • If so, what position did you hold, what were your duties, and for how long?: As I said I am the owner of my own server, I usually just look around and mess with bots or roles. I believe it was started on... 6/12/2020? Somewhere around there, I created it because I was bored and I wanted to see all the permissions and stuff.
    • Do you have experience using SourceMod?: I do! I know most of the common moderator commands such as /ban, /mute, /kick, /smite, etc, I also know the /say commands like /csay, /hsay. But the specific commands I do not know what they are nor I know how to use, but I hope to learn in the future if I can.

  • How do you feel your acceptance as a Server/Forum/Discord Moderator will affect the community?: If I were to get accepted, I would set jailbreak servers to top priority, because that's where I see the most rule-breaking, and because I like jailbreak. I would be a moderator mostly on jailbreak and making sure rule-breakers get punished and making sure that rules are in place, then I think the servers would be a bit more cleaner and/or better.

  • What have you done to improve WonderLand so far, and what do you plan to do further as staff?: I have donated 45 USD for VIP+. And I report a lot, I almost find it fun to report people. Back when I was permanently isolated, I had a /calladmin bind and I used that every single time someone broke a rule, and I still use it a lot to this day. The reason why I used the bind a lot is to try to get the moderators attention, because, I'm not trying to be mean, The moderators wouldn't come on the server most of the time, again, not trying to be mean. I also sometimes help people on the servers with somethings, mostly when they ask "how do i play" I usually respond with "type /jbrules and read taht pls" I also know my rules good (I still ask helpdesk question though mainly because to make sure if someone is not breaking a rule) So usually if someone or some people don't understand or misunderstood a rule I try to fix the misconception.

  • Why should we accept you into the team?: Because, well, the servers, most jailbreak servers, are a bit dirty, I always see some light toxicity in every server, and it would be nice if I could stop that. Above, I said, "So usually if someone or some people don't understand or misunderstood a rule I try to fix the misconception." It would be nice if I could do this with a higher power because sometimes, they don't believe me. And I also said that I know my rules good, so I can answer helpdesk questions. I also believe it would be fun, to moderate, keeping the servers safe while wanting to do it. I want to moderate as much as I would like to (without burning myself out) I also know when to punish, like the steps, warn, mute/ban.

  • Anything else you want to tell us (maybe about yourself)?: I'm sorry about the recent isolations, and I will try to never intentionally disrespect another user. I completely understand if you have a negative vote, and I will try to work on my maturity and behavior. Also, now that I'm in school and talking to real human beings I'm a bit saner, so I'm gonna be not as active on discord chat. Also, If and when you are the first or early voter, please do a Pro, Con, thing with your vote, it would help me a lot improve on my next application (if there is one)



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Jan 2020
The thing you've said alone in discord about staff being corrupt and how much you speak out about staff in such a negative fashion makes me want to -1 you. Here are some examples which back up my reasoning:
This next part really did grind my gears in a way, because you have no idea what is going on in someone else's life and you immediatly resort to calling them "Lazy"
If you would like me to pull your chat logs aswell, this is something nice I found

I feel like there isn't much more to be said. -1


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Nov 2019
Hello and thank you for taking the time to apply for staff. I'm afraid however, that I will not be supporting you. Allow me to list my reasoning why.

I firstly want to mention how concerning your age and maturity is. While you do meet the minimum age requirement needed to join the staff team. I'm not very comfortable with just letting a thirteen year old join staff unless they've shown that they are mature and they can handle themselves. From what I see in you. You are not mature. Mainly referring to the screenshots above that profit has posted about you. I highly recommend you work to improve yourself in this field if you do find yourself applying in the future.

Next, I will go over your behavior in our Discord server. Once again, I'm highly concerned about this. When reporting to staff, you would often talk about how staff are "corrupt" and openly express how you are dissatisfied about how staff like to handle things. While I normally wouldn't hold this against you, you would often also follow it up with just blatantly insulting staff or even the community.






To close this apply, I just wanna give you some advice for the future. Please attempt to improve on the points that this reply (And future ones) are going to give you. I do see some potential in all people that attempt to apply. Even if they are declined for many reasons. So don't let this discourage you from reapplying. It would also just help in general to drop this bad habits, because doing things like this consistently can (and have) get you isolated. That is all from me, I wish you luck in the future.

Smug Rebellion

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Apr 2020
After considering this for a while and looking at what Profit and Uber had to say I am going to give this application a -1. Improve points regarded by staff and then maybe in the near future, you can become a good applicant. But, as it stands I will not be supporting you.


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Jul 2020
-1. I have seen you argue with staff about punishments, as well as from my personal experience with you arguing about punishments. All of this including the previous responses and screenshots, I believe you would need major improvement before being a better candidate for staff.


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Jun 2020
Your logs have shown great immaturity and just from a quick look, I found multiple slurs, toxicity, and spam. Take into account what others above had said I will not be supporting you.


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Jan 2020
Not voting.

You have an issue this year, as profit mentioned at above, you called staff team a "lazy" and said something that it's not even good to hear about them at #ideas-talk if I recall it correctly. I'm gonna say this one more time so you can understand.

  • staff team have lives and have many important things to do at real life, you have no rights to say that the staff are lazy/not doing their jobs properly. Staff are not robots/slaves.
  • suggesting "we need more staff" won't work, Staff members have schedules on work/school/others, have time to help their family or themselves to achieve their goals. Having more staff would still be the same.
  • "people who want staff just want attention" I don't think the candidates would do that. They're not here to become famous but to help the community against the rule breakers.
  • "staff only accepted from their staff buddies" Staff team are not like that. Adding a staff member doesn't mean that we will easily get +1 in our apps, the staff are also check their chat logs and records if they are mature or not. You are assuming what they are gonna do to the candidates that added a staff member/s

You have ALOT of punishment and you are still immature from what I see with my own eyes.
At the future, you'll understand something.

I advice you to be chill, not complaining about staff members aren't doing anything and respect them (especially non staff members). If I were you, I would just enjoy chatting with people in discord and appreciate all staff members for doing a good job at punishing rule breakers.
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Jul 2017
To back up the "staff supporting friends" jist, since if anything, that's fairly important;

Genuinely anyone can ask a staff for help on how their job is like, get to know them well a lot of the time, and can become friends with staff. Said actions that doesn't mean they're going to instantly get accepted. It does indeed have a correlation, but it's not the truth. It mainly happens only because people get to know what it's like in that field, and then they know what it takes to get accepted. There's actually been a fair bit of staff that haven't fully been acquainted with any of the other staff until they were finally in the staff team/took a few days to understand people whilst being in the team.

If the "friends with staff" thing was true, then the immature people that think spamming friend requests to staff is a strong, good standing excuse to get staff, are completely correct in their thesis and would get staff JUST by having staff in their friends list.

You can genuinely ask anyone what it's like to be staff or how to do the job, and you could 99% most likely have a better understanding of what it's like than the current misconception you have of staff. It doesn't make you a bad person to ask for advice, or how to be a better person, cause if anything that's what people should be striving for.

Hell, I always put advice in my responses to applications like these, so let me give you some after my two-cents:

If staff are "lazy" none of them would've cared to bring up your history or explain to you what you're doing wrong. THEY ARE TELLING YOU, WHAT YOU NEED TO FIX. That's being GENEROUS. If you have bad standing or relationship with staff (which you kinda do) it's just gunna make your case worse. There's a reason why it's a voting and not a, "Hey can I be staff?" "Sure."
Biases could indeed be brought into this, but it also depends on the cold hard facts, which will OVERRIDE said biases. If you seem like someone who's genuinely not fit for staff and immature as all hell, then you probably have a better chance of not trying until you actually try to fix your attitude. Staff are supposed to be people that are nice, caring of the community, and try their best to do what's right for said community by doing their job. In reality, you're being toxic to staff, (also been toxic/immature around others) which are meant to represent said community, so what reason do they have to accept you? Walking into an application while having the mentality of insulting staff WHO ARE GOING TO judge you based off your actions- that is straight up embarrassment.
I've barely had interactions with you myself but even the interactions I was present in with you showed poor results of maturity.

Sometimes try to think of yourself actually being in the shoes of staff members and ask yourself if you're going to embarrass yourself, or if you're truly someone who can actually represent A GOOD IMAGE of what it's like to be staff, and actually DO what you're promising you want to do.

If you can't do the above, then really try to act differently- and you'd be surprised at how different the world you're viewing could change. Thereafter with good standing, you could probably ask for advice.
(At this point staffing your own server isn't even that much of experience as staff. If you already have a sour amount of maturity, it's a very minimal fraction of what it's like to staff a genuine community like this one.) Even if you don't have experience that much you can always learn, so if you can fix up your attitude and maturity, maybe that's a place to start- get to know some staff personally man. Actually learn the ropes instead of insulting the staff. You can work from there.


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Jun 2019
Not voting. Even though I recently resigned from staff there's a couple things I want to say. So you previously dm'd me asking me what should I do or any tips for applying. I gave my answer listed right here.
Let's look.
I will not try to intentionally disrespect*
This show's a bit of hesitance considering your current situation.
I am a bit saner-I'm more sane.

The sure can be considered nitpicks. However I did say that you need to be 100% ready as well double check. Use Grammarly that's a tip from me.
As well as this screenshot is a bit odd. 1602997646113.png You are young Hoovy. You should not be using this to explain the size of your application and it comes off as immature.

According to the staff that voted your discord responses are all that are needed to shut you down. When I was staff I can most definitely confirm this being your attitude. I will bring up some different things.
Your response to this seemed a bit odd imo. As well it seemed quite snarky from your end and I do believe Stao or Eight have clarified that the current layout for staff works fine and will not be changed, but it seems you didn't look at that.
Jinshee was quoting you. And I decided to ask a question. Your response was this.
The emote didn't help your case as it seems you glossed over the issue of staff applications being staff applications and just thought of something like favortism. Again Quality over Quantity.

One last note, we were past staff me kyo and remiss therefore we have the knowledge to reply on applications. Please don't get angry over this just like you did on someone else's application when elli responded. Dear please.

However. Darling I do see a drive in you, otherwise you wouldn't have dm'd me in the first place. So I will tell you this. It took me 5 attempts to become staff and the odds were against me. However it was through work and time that I became staff. I do have faith in you darling however you have quite a massive hill to overcome. Work on your attitude, maturity, how you treat staff, and grow a bit of backbone. You can't expect to be staff and then resign at the moment of any criticism similar to your ideas in suggestions. I wish you luck for the future.
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