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    Are you currently having a rule-breaker on your servers? We encourage that, instead of forum reporting as a first resort, you use it as a last resort. Here is other methods you can use to contact for help "in the moment."
    • Use /call in-game. We get many reports daily, so this may not work 100% of the time, however it's the main system we respond to for contacting staff.
    • Report the user in our Discord server (>>Invite<<). Simply tag @TF2 Admin (or @CS:GO Admin if it's an issue there) in #report-to-staff and tell us the issue going on. Please provide the server IP as well, and do not tag staff multiple times for the same thing. We get the message the first time.
    • Contact staff over Steam (>>Staff List<<). You may contact our staff over Steam + request help from them directly. However, please make sure to read the descriptions for each staff rank, as to ensure you contact the right sources for your issue.
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