Declined i got banned :(

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Walter White

Jul 11, 2022
1.) Include your ban profile link, if applicable:
(If you are appealing a Discord ban, include your Discord User ID)
You can do so by visiting & searching for your ban.
(If you have your Steam account linked on your forum account, this step is not a requirement.)
(Completely dismiss this if you are appealing your spray/objector/discord ban.

2.) Explain what happened / why you have been banned:
i believe i was banned because i went into a illegal spot on jailbreak Ny it was in deathrun pootis pit but i didn't know it was illegal cause it was a new map for me and tbh i was just curious - Pug Main

3.) Tell us why we should unban you:
because ive made quite a lot of friends on the jailbreak ny server and i don't wanna lose them they're cool especially the admins


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Jun 16, 2018
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You have been banned for making a remark on a staff member with a NSFW claim; hence you have been banned for that. I deem the ban accurate, so the ban is staying in place. Appeal Declined.
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