I have a suggestion for Building a PC on a budget...


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Apr 2018
To the common PC fan out there, don't be afraid when your PC stops running fast, it's just age! So build yourself a nice new one! Using these parts you can make quality and afford it
You don't need a case, if you're adamant on it, take one from an older PC, you only need the case
Get 4gb of thr cheapest RAM sticks you can get (preferred if newer)
get an Intel I3/Intel I5 for perfomance based gaming and AMD 9 for visuals based
If using a Intel processor, get an AMD graphics card and vice versa
Fans are best to have 1 a bit more expensive in a heated area than 4 smaller ones.
Remember! if you aren't running as fast as wanted, overclock the CPU (watch not to fry part) Link:https://www.wikihow.com/Overclock-a-CPU