TF2 I present to all of you... a map that I've been working on for 4+ years!


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Aug 29, 2018
United Kingdom
It's KotH Warland v7.2! At the moment I'm working on v7.3 by removing some props and adding "skip & hint" brushes (I think there are some videos on YT that explain in more detail what they do). This is probably the first time ever I've added a skybox to it, but for now, here are some screenshots with the map:
Map IconMap Overview 1Map Overview 3BLU SpawnRED SpawnControl Point RED Side
You can see the rest of the screenshots on this Gamebanana link. The link also contains the download links to older versions of the map as well as the Steam Workshop link.

There is also another link to a TF2C 4Teams version of this map.

Check out the map and let me know your thoughts! (I already know the map is laggy because of the amount of props, but I'm working on deleting most of them.)

Captain Glenavon

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May 27, 2020
Wow. This looks absolutely great.. my hat to you for making it look so good and staying committed for so long working on it.:)

I've been working on a Jailbreak map myself on and off called Bastoy and based off the one in Norway, I'm hoping I can get back to it sometime, but it's just so much more work than I thought. I'm definitely gonna download your map right now though.:katpog:
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