If you could launch a TF2 update, how would you do it?

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Do you like my weapon balance ideas?

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  1. Ran out of names.

    Ran out of names. Member ★

    Feb 4, 2018
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    What I would personally do with it :
    1.) Lower the time for damage build of crit from 20 seconds to 10 seconds. (To reduce the chance from being op)
    2.) A MVM update of somekind, I would need to think about this more. Besides more australium and Golden weapons, also to increase the chance of a Golden Frying Pan drop
    3.) Put more set bonuses
    4.) Weapon balances

    Here they are.

    Baby Face's blaster
    ^ The weapon sucks shit, so I would change it like this
    [+] Max boost now makes Scout move 520 Hammer units regardless.
    [+]Remove Boost loss on double jump
    [+] Clip size penalty removed
    [+] More damage must be taken to reduce your boost to 0% (From 25 damage to 100 damage)
    [+] Afterburn immunity
    [+] Fire rate increase by 25%
    [-] Reduced base damage by 15 % (89 base damage from 105)
    [-] 25% damage vulnerability on wearer
    [-] 30% move speed penalty without boost

    Panic attack
    ^ Isn't enough of a meme, must change
    [=] Readded autofire all clips
    [=] Starts with 0 clips again
    [+] Changed deploy bonus to 66% faster.
    [+] Holster time changed to 45% faster
    [+] 20% faster fire rate
    [+] Faster reload rate by 40%
    [+] 50% more bullets per-shot
    [-] 40% clip size pentalty (From 6 clips to 4)
    [-] Damage penalty by 20% (Reducing the ability to spam it from the distance
    [-] Weapon spread increased by a 35% (same as above)

    Short Circuit
    ^ It's still pretty poor against the wrangler, so this balance choice is to make it a better choice. To give it a run for it's money.
    [+] Pierces thru resistance effects, like the wrangler's.
    [+] Primary fire has increased range and homes into nearby targets, can hit up-to 4 targets at a time, and priorty is sorted by the most health.
    [+] Energy ball now does 40 damage per tick
    [+] Energy ball now travels furthur
    [+] Alt-fire now takes 35 metal to fire
    [+] Primary fire now has increased damage and takes 1 metal to fire (Does 20 per hit, the more targets damage gets split in between them, 5 damage when 4 targets are hit, 10 when 3, 15 when 2, and 20 when 1.
    [-] Less metal from ammo boxes and dispensers, to reduce ball spam.
    [-] Ball does crits when reflected at your team.

    Hot hand
    ^ The thot hand needs some changes, it sucks. So we need this meme to revive from the 2 micro-seconds of spotlight it got.
    [+] Increased damage when hit with both slaps (Base Melee damage is 65, when hit with both slaps, it does 80)
    [+] Increased melee attack range by 37% (Eyelander range)
    [+] When crits land it does 1 powerful slap.
    [+] Gain a bigger speed boost on hit (Speed increased by 30%)
    [-] Crit damage is decreased, due to the absence of the second slap.
    [-] First slap has a 15% damage penalty
    [-] 15% movement speed penalty when active

    Soda Popper
    ^ This weapons sucks, but yet it's good. I think it needs more going for it, it has literally 0 knockback, making your enemy able to double jump without a single flinch in the air.
    [=] Weapon is reverted back to Scattergun stats for the time being.
    [+] Added hype meter
    [+] Hype meter needs 300 damage to fully charge
    [+] Hype meter increases crit chance by 20% and increases air control and speed, along with 3 additional double jumps while active.
    [+] 60% faster reload rate
    [+] 50% faster firing speed
    [+] 10% more knockback pershot, each shot increases knockback by 5%, rewarding the accurate.
    [-] 66% less clip size
    [-] 15% Damage penalty
    [-] 10% more bullet spread

    Custom weapon stats for a Heavy sandvich I have come up with
    ^ This doesn't exist on any weapon and most likely won't be used, but still. It would be pretty funny to see
    On eat : You gain a mini-uber that makes you 99% more resistant to all attacks and increases fire-rate, max ammo, and movement speed by 40%, you also take 40% more damage from crits. You take 5000% more damage from headshots, and get 15% more healing from healing sources (Medics, healthpacks, dispensers, and etc) This lasts for 12 seconds
    When the effects wear off :
    You have 100% less movement speed (You cannot move) for 3 seconds
    Your minigun fires 80% slower for 5 seconds
    You take full crits
    And you cannot be healed by any Medic sources for the time being.
    When in the middle of eating this sandvich you get instantly killed by all attacks.

    In the end, this sandvich is OP, but if the opposite team has support and variety (Kirtz Medics, Spies, and Snipers.)
    It gets a run for it's money, but if the team can support this heavy they are unbeatable, also made to get rid of spawncamp, tho it would be a problem if 12 heavies all had this and just went out at 2fort and shoot everything, but the downsides even kind of balance this. A bit overdone tho.

    What would you do with a TF2 update?
  2. Ran out of names.

    Ran out of names. Member ★

    Feb 4, 2018
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    I will actually change range from 37% to 15%, eyelander range on a Hot hand would be ridiculous.
  3. Big Sis

    Big Sis Interior Crocodile Alligator Admin ★ ★ VIP ★

    Jul 16, 2017
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    shut it down
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  4. Siphon

    Siphon Idk anymore Member ★

    Jul 21, 2017
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    Me Personally think the Short Circuit is fine, However The Left click is a sight for sore eyes, I think they do need to change just that of the weapon then I can consider it a decent weapon.

    My idea is the left click shouldn't be an electric stream, but would be the right click it had before but it doesn't remove projectiles, it does not detect invisible spys, and does more damage (10-15%)

    MvM deserves a massive update, because I feel its another version of capture the flag with one set point which they have to touch to win and it also used a version of the matchmaking UI we had previous to the jungle inferno update. It also never got an update that was major recently.

    One more thing, I like the Panic attack the way it is now, even though its a regular shotgun that does basically the same thing as the stock, It's weapon switch speed however is useful for Pyro and Engineer if you get attacked so suddenly, I didn't like the load clip feature but that's just personal preference.
  5. Holly

    Holly Member ★

    Apr 23, 2018
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    I would click "update TF2"
  6. Siphon

    Siphon Idk anymore Member ★

    Jul 21, 2017
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    I agree
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