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Jul 11, 2017
the clouds Donation Information

Make sure to read the VIP rules before donating!

August 2022: Now accepting cryptocurrencies (BTC, XMR, ETH)

Contact me for more information.

VIP - 6€/monthly (5 Keys)
  • Fancy 「VIP」 chat tag with the ability to change your tag/chat/messagecolors!
    • In-game: /ccc
  • VIP rank on the forums!
    • Increased storage, less limits than regular member.
  • Upload your own emoji on the forums!
  • Vanity URL on the forums! (
  • Increased store credit rate!
    • Earn more credits than regular players!
  • Voting rights!
    • /votekick, /votemute, /votegag
  • Adopt your own pet!*
    • In-game: !pets
  • Laser Drawing!
    • In-console: bind "x" "+laser" or /laser in chat.
  • Resizing yourself!*
  • Jetpack!
    • Only available on our Trade servers.
  • Modifying your Tauntspeed!
  • Bumperkart Access!*
    • !car in-game.
  • Wear conflicting cosmetics!
  • In-game VIP menu!
    • !vipmenu in chat

VIP+ - 40€ Permanent! (25 Keys)
  • Fancy 「VIP+」 chat tag
  • Special VIP Trails!
    • In-game: !viptrails
  • RTD Positive effect chance 85%*
  • Unusual Feet Effects!
    • /feet in chat.
  • Custom Enemy Ragdolls
  • Jailbreak;
    • Priority on GUARD team!
    • Vote Guard Ban!
      • /voteteamban in-game or through the /vipmenu.
  • Equip the Golden Frying Pan!
  • Custom Join Messages
    • /customjoin in chat!
  • ★ NO ADS! ★
  • and all the perks from monthly vip..
* = May not be available on all servers.

This is a reward for your donation, you do not pay for this service.

Donate with PayPal (INSTANT!)

Donate with Keys (TF2/CS:GO) - Slight delay.
You can do so by sending me a trade offer by clicking here.

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