Jailbreak rulings discussion thread


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Jul 11, 2017
As I see it, the backroom of armory is considered an extension of armory because it's almost directly connected to the armory (after touching the wall it is truly connected). Restricting the backroom makes sense to me, and I have no intention of questioning that validity; however, I am curious as to what the reasoning is for restricting it, to see how that reasoning applies towards other aspects in the game. I don't particularly understand why the vents couldn't also be restricted, as in my mind, all entrances to the armory should be restricted equally. If you aren't allowed to be in the back room of armory, and you aren't allowed to keep the main armory door open, why should a red be allowed to permanently open the vents to armory?
Wow actually missed this post, regardless.

You are conflating two different things here, the backroom is literally part of the armoury merely another subroom of it.
That's entirely different to something like the vents which is an entrace, so making vents makes no sense.
In fact, it'd make far more sense to just not ban the backroom than ban vents.

They are opening vents, vents are not part of the armoury. Even if you are talking about parts of the armoury, there's literally no fair justification for banning them as disucssed above.
Breaking a breakable does not automatically mean they will rebel, we only punish on what they actually do not intent.