Lets talk about Deathrun maps

Jan 6, 2018
Having already reported one of the Deathrun maps dr_family_guy_v5 for having an exploitable Motivator, I thought that was just a one-off. I was wrong.

I have now counted four separate maps that have game breaking exploits or just downright bad map design, making Deathrun unfun for those who want to actually play it. These are just some of the issues I have found.

Being able to avoid the Motivator: No motivation for players to move, makes the game last for 10 minutes+ with some players taunting and messing about while there is no admin on. By the time an admin is called they have either already stopped or the map has changed. (This has happened multiple times)

No Motivator at all: Some maps don't even have a motivator at all. Makes above issue even worse.

Maps which you can see the Death: Being able to see the death gives players the advantage of knowing which traps to stop at and which they can just run through.

Maps which Death decides the path: Not something easily solvable, but some maps have death choose a path for players to go down. The issue appears when Death chooses neither. On the Minecraft map, both choices are safe until Death chooses. This is what should happen. Otherwise, the Motivator kills everyone and the death gets a free win.

Maps in which the traps can kill the Death when he activates them: Especially on dr_Wooden_v4, Death sets off an explosive trap and it kills him. Apparently, there is an updated version of this map.

I have not seen all the playable Deathrun maps yet, but I am sure there are more that need to be sorted out. There are plenty of new and updated maps at places like Gamebanana.

Anyone here got anything to say about a particular Deathrun map? What should be changed or removed?


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Sep 7, 2017
I can agree with this plus maps such as dr_minecraft that have exploits to get to death and kill them and dr_office with the "easter egg" that lets you into blue side.