List of rule change/clarification suggestions


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Oct 15, 2017
Most of these suggestions are either grey areas in the rules, or frequent statements I have heard players made regarding the rules. Notify me if contradictions to these already exist, rules supporting these already exist, these suggestions are incorrect/negative in some other way, or if any suggestion needs clarification.

-Warden must state if days are active if asked, and possibly what days if asked as well.
-Cheating in sweeper’s (leaving once active) status as being KOS as it is considered disobeying an order should be explicitly stated.
-The fact that freedays are allowed to break into armory without entering should be clearer in rule regarding freedays entering armory.
-Days are the only types of orders that aren’t overridden by newer orders (unless they aren’t, such as “stairs are KOS unless explicitly stated otherwise”).
-The term “general knowledge” should be clearer regarding eligible subjects for trivia.
-Usage of projectiles (sandman/wrap assassin) in order to hit/attempt to hit baiters is allowed, regardless to whether or not the baiter is in the red’s melee range.
-Following (possible/existing) restrictions on Pokemon day should be clearer/explicit:
  1. Melee weapons only, either including or excluding alt-fire attacks and abilities
  2. Non-damaging weapons available to both reds and blus, including banners, medi-guns, etc. should be stated to be allowed or not
  3. Blus being restricted to armory/medic during the day
  4. If usage of medic between battles is allowed
  5. Restrictions 2 and 4 should be allowed to be altered by warden for both teams (for the entire game if changed)
-Arena must be played in arena; even if a defined space is larger than the map’s arena itself (pool?) is established as the “arena” it would be considered meat grinder if friendly fire is enabled in conditions that aren’t cell wars, hunger games, or purge.
-If warden-killers are pardonable if all reds are pardoned after warden is killed.
-Muting of reds and/or blus must be justified by warden due to situations such as micspam, arguments, or need to read out long list of conditions for a game or day.
-Warden should only have to define days, areas, items, etc. to a degree that a majority of reds understand. This will prevent conversations like:
“Class restrictions are: scouts no projectiles...”
“Define a projectile”
“A projectile is a ball or…”
“Define a ball”
-Moving to hit a baiter that is already in one’s melee range (if AFK) is KOS, the red can only hit what they can hit from their position (I see spies frequently moving around a baiting blu in order to backstab them then returning to their position).
-Choosing the order for reds to participate in a minigame must be determined by a method other than “random” choice by the warden. (Scoreboard position, number choice, math, alphabetically, etc.)


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Jul 15, 2017
Responses correlating to original order of the thread:
  • I think this was a ruling but was lost when the forums transitioned.
  • This is implied IMO, REDs should always be following the warden's orders. If a warden says to go to sweeper and you leave it, then you're KOS.
  • It's allowed by default, I don't think there should be rulings saying that people are allowed to do x or y if there was no ruling in the first place saying they couldn't.
  • "A wardens order is overwritten by new orders if they contradict each other, the exception to this being if the order is a day."
  • I'd like to hear other's opinion on this, I get what you mean that it is sort of unclear but rules in the first place are made open-ended for a reason as well, although I'm not really equipped to explain why.
  • Well no, if the baiter isn't in the RED's melee range they either need to be baiting in another way where the RED would be justified to hit them or, well they're not baiting.
  • Pkmn:
    • I mean to be fair all melee weapons have their pros and cons to them that will come into battle one way or another, so if alt-fire attacks/abilities were disallowed then that would just put specific melee weapons at a disadvantage.
    • This is disallowed I would say, although yes if there is going to be a full explanation of Pokemon in the rules then this is being left out.
    • This is up to warden really if he wants to allow medic for combatants post-fight. Armory is auto-disallowed because if any RED used it they would be KOS, and there's no reason for BLUs if medic is allowed (and if it isn't then they have an unfair advantage being able to use armory post-fights).
    • Up to warden.
    • I would agree allowing mini-games to be done previous to Pokemon, or at least I don't see the justification behind why that is the case, and I also wouldn't mind lifting restriction 4 altogether (not a big deal to me though), but everything else I agree with.
  • I'd like to hear other's opinions on this because I have always been confused on stuff like if Pool was considered Meat Grinder or not.
  • I would say yes, but I don't believe there has been a clear decision on this.
  • I mean warden is free to restrict chat or mic usage if he allows the other normally, as long as he isn't muting REDs while they are unable to use chat it's fine.
  • This is implied, I don't think we need a ruling against people asking asinine questions like "define a ball."
  • "Reds are not allowed to chase baiters, this means when hitting a baiter in your melee range, you are not allowed to follow the baiter to attempt to hit the baiter more." I would consider this falling under that.
  • Interesting idea, not like we can really restrict favoritism all that much from games like Kitchen or Club Glod but I suppose this could help somewhat.
May 1, 2018
Things like "Define a ball" and other questions in that level of stupidity that are cases of "You don't have to explain it". Defining is mainly for Jailbreak-based orders, games, days, etc, not basic concepts, colors, or everyday props.
Jan 4, 2018
Things like "Define a ball" and other questions in that level of stupidity that are cases of "You don't have to explain it". Defining is mainly for Jailbreak-based orders, games, days, etc, not basic concepts, colors, or everyday props.
Knowone is supposed to ask Define a ball, I'm sure somewhere in the rules it says you do not have to define self explanatory thing's.