Meru's thoughts / opinion on you :)


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Dec 18, 2020
I'm willing to do it again



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Jan 1, 2020
United Kingdom, England.
oooo so many replies

Discord gamer, rebeller, cool person <:

british man :)
HP rocket, pocket, socket, locket I'm funny with my jokes, rate my joke HP, I put plenty effort into this :( | Unriounically, helpful role-model of this community, your kindness is a balm to all who encounter it. <3

Hi, nice doggo pfp, seemingly a nice person

RONALDINHO SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mendy with the best performance as a Chelsea goalkeeper. You're an awesome friend, glad to confidently see that you are back here in the community.
grrrt pah
ssimeR, hello
where's my money 🤯
chill person
gamer, play fortnite with me :(
Another British, less goo

Hanging out with you has always been a bright light in the distance of the road, being around you communicating is like being on a happy little vacation. Additionally, I have had fun playing video games with you, you always had my back before I was staff till now, you gave me the opportunity to make the community a great place, and I have accomplished my success given to the community, I owe you, one buddy.
Unfortunately, no infinite jokes today D:

You are a magnificent person, you have a remarkable sense of humour that escalates to greatness, I am so proud of your progress that you made as a moderator, you’re worthy of all the good things that come to you. Keep up the good work my friend.

Imposter, who is it? was it @UberCharge!!?

One of my best friends,
you’ve accomplished so many incredible things that I am proud of here, I have known you for a year or two now, and there has always been a light of brightness out there, I’ve never met a person as thoughtful as you are, as the future continues, I'm glad to continue with you in the staff team. You should be thanked more often due to how much effort you place into this community. So thank you!!

insert british joke here
Insert buns / "bread" joke here, please

Great friend, most of the time I come across you and, it's just joyful playing with you.

poland exists
Hello there

Very cool discord user, active. Glad to meet you.

Stop bullying me pls ;(
Heyyyyy I will let you know that I stole your pet spider last night, more specifically 2:21 am :trollface:

Very cool friend, playful all time when I am free all day, enjoying conversations, you're someone's reason to smile for a lifetime, you made my smile glance right now.

who bully apollo??!?!?

Approachable person, glad to speak to you in general.