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Discussion in 'Declined Applications' started by theMiXiM, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. theMiXiM

    theMiXiM Member ★

    Feb 12, 2018
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    • No VAC ban(s) on record | Info [ ✔ |"Never ever in my life cheated in servers"
    • Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ ✔ |
    • No registered bans on the community. (Depends on severity) | Info [ ✔ |
    • Member in our steam group | Info [ ✔ |"im a pure member
    • At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ✔ |"im 21 years old"
    • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 475+ hours [ ✔ |
    • Server connection time: 36+ hours [ ✔ | *
    • Team player with great communication skills (English) [ ✔ | *
    • No limited steam account. | Info [ ✔ |
    • Forum Activity (at least +10 forum posts)
    * = indispensable requirement

    Personal Information:

    Age (01/01/1988): 21
    Location: Davao city, Philippines
    Steam Profile Link:
    Do you have a working microphone?:
    How good is your English? (rating: 0 - 10): 9
    Will you be able to help donate monthly?: no because i dont still have a card or etc like credit cards


    1. At what times are you mostly available to administrate on the servers?:

    Your Answer
    The times that i can administrate is night in my timezone and morning in your timezone on weekends wholeday.
    Sun: whole day
    sat: whole day
    mon: 7:00 - 9:00 in the morning for your timezone
    still same from monday
    friday: 5:00 - 10:up
    2. Have you ever held an administrator or moderator position for another community? If so, what position did you hold and for how long did/have you hold/held it?:
    Your Answer
    No this is just my first time but i learned from them

    3. How do you feel your acceptance as a Server Administrator and Forum Moderator will effect the community?:
    Answer here.
    I will feel happy to serve the community and the effect of my acceptance will be great for other players.

    4. How would you improve the community/servers overall?:
    Answer here.
    I would improve the community by reporting, banning, and kicking people who disrespect rules or players.

    5. Which servers do you usually play on and what time?:
    Answer here.
    I usually play in zombies, x1000 and other servers you have.

    6. Do you have any experience administrating through SourceMod?:
    Answer here.
    Yes i do.

    7. How have you supported the community so far?:
    Answer here.
    I supported some players that were a victim of other players that did the following spawncamping, scamming, harassed and etc.
    ans i supported the community in a great way but its in your servers.

    8. Why should we accept you into the team?:
    Answer here.
    you should accept me because i always play in your servers and i can look for these people and im a polite guys no lies i am person that you can trust.

    9. Anything else you want to tell us (maybe about yourself)?:
    Answer here.
    i am a very good friend to all and that's all i know thank you if you accepted even if you did not accept
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  2. Shadow

    Shadow Headset Freak Admin ★

    Sep 25, 2017
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    You barely got enough server connection time, you joined the forums yesterday, spammed forum threads today and then applied for a staff position.

    Your application is VERY lackluster.
    Also you're missing two requirements which grounds for an auto-decline.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
  3. Ray

    Ray Head Weenie Honorary Member ★ ★ VIP ★

    Jul 16, 2017
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    this doesn't make sense, even if you meant to put 1998 that'd still be wrong

    doesn't meet forum requirements
    has "answer here "in your answers
    answers are short and generic
    rushed, with evidence from here
    doesn't meet tf2 time
    doesn't make sense
    barely makes sense
    you can already do that as a member
    how so?
    give English a 7 also

    also hurts how you just meet server connection time
  4. Sanxis

    Sanxis Symmetra rework will fail Admin ★

    Aug 14, 2017
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    You should fix your age.

    Lets see , you have less than 475 hours on tf2 , you dont meet the minimum forum post requirement and from looking at your application I'm pretty sure you are lying about your english being 9. Overall your app is pretty lackluster and mediocre. I see no reason for us to take you.

  5. Eight

    Eight Restless Super-Admin ★

    Jul 15, 2017
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    Reasons stated above. Doesn't meet enough requirements, mediorce application, lied about TF2 playtime requirement, etc.
  6. SuperGuard

    SuperGuard British Quality Gentleman Super-Admin ★

    Jul 16, 2017
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    As stated before, you're tf2 time is at least a full day's worth of gaming short yet you still ticked it, you only joined yesterday and spammed relatively pointless topics, some of your answers are poor (mainly why you being accepted would benefit the community) and I wouldn't say your English quality is 9 but more like 6-8.
  7. Madi

    Madi Head-Admin ★★

    Jul 13, 2017
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    Application declined due to lack of 2 or more requirements.
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