My application OK BRAHH


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Jan 4, 2018
This is a application i made in off topic of course this isn't a real application so this will not count Anyone can vote kk

  • No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ | ✘ ]
  • Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ | ✘ ]
  • No active bans on the community. | Info [ | ✘ ]
  • Member in our steam group | Info [ | ✘ ]
  • At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ | ✘ ]
  • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 600+ hours [ | ✘ ]
  • No limited/F2P Steam account. | Info [ | ✘ ]
  • Forum account created at least 2 weeks prior to the application [ ✘ ]
  • You must have sufficient English skills. [ | ✘ ] *
  • You must have a server connection time of more than: 48+ hours [ | ✘ ] *
  • Owning and using a discord account [ | ✘ ] *
  • No private Steam profile. [| ✘ ] *
  • You must have sufficient forum activity. (At least 15+ posts!) = Hell naa
* = mandatory requirement

Personal Information:

(dd/mm/yy): Your Answer = 12/02/2016
Location: You'r mum
SteamID64: http./numbers and more numbers and just more numbers
Do you have a working microphone?: No
How good is your English?
(rating: 0 - 10): 1 meh no speak of da englis


1. At what times are you mostly available to administrate on the servers?:

All the time unless Teen titans is on , on cartoon network

2. Have you ever held an administrator or moderator position for another community? If so, what position did you hold and for how long did/have you hold/held it?:
Yes i held administrator at You' where only mummies are allowed to play

3. How do you feel your acceptance as a Server Administrator and Forum Moderator will effect the community?:
Horribly Cause with me having powers i'll end up banning everyone on the servers by accident but atleast i'll do it only to the steam account not IP.

4. How would you improve the community/servers overall?:
We just need more VIP's to back seat moderate for us.

5. Which servers do you usually play on and what time?:
You'rMum I Jailbreak
You'r sister I Deathrun
You'r harline I Trade

6. Do you have any experience administrating through SourceMod?:
No i'm to good for that

7. How have you supported the community so far?:
By votebanning people for no reason if we decrease the population than there will be knowone for the toxic people to be toxic at :smart:

8. Why should we accept you into the team?:
You shouldn't and if you do i'll send you pictures of a broken cat

9. Anything else you want to tell us (maybe about yourself)?:
Yeah i'm currently holding isolation world record with 24isolation atm still more to get !


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Jul 15, 2017
If you say it's a fake app that's clearly in off topic then u ruined the joke

Application Denied
Make sure to follow the format next time^^


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Oct 27, 2017
Your application is brilliant. It's probably the best I've ever seen. You are mature and active in-game, on forums and on discord. You have quite a bit of past admin experience and most importantly, you are sensible.

However, you clearly don't know how to spell "you're". Due to this reason, and this reason only, I am going to be going with a STRONG -1


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Jan 4, 2018
Thx for all the positives and thx for giving me the chance

Application accepted