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Discussion in 'Declined Applications' started by | GhostFestive, Jun 19, 2018.

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  1. | GhostFestive | GhostFestive Member ★

    Jul 18, 2017
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    • No VAC/Game ban(s) on record | Info [ ✔ |
    • Clean [+]SteamREP | Info [ ✔ |
    • No active bans on the community. | Info [ ✔ |
    • Member in our steam group | Info [ ✔ |
    • At least 16+ years old (preferred 18+) [ ✔ |
    • Team Fortress 2 playtime: 600+ hours [ ✔ |
    • No limited/F2P Steam account. | Info [ ✔ |
    • Forum account created at least 2 weeks prior to the application [ ✔ |
    • Sufficient English skills. [ ✔ |
    • Server connection time: 48+ hours [ ✔ |
    • Owning and actively using a discord account [ ✔ |
    • No private Steam profile. [ ✔ |
    • Sufficient forum activity. (At least 15+ posts!) | ✘ ] (i am sorry to put this as a X mark)

    Personal Information:

    Age (dd/mm/yy): 7/10/1990
    Location: IL
    Do you have a working microphone?: Currently, no.
    How good is your English? (rating: 0 - 10): 10
    Will you be able to help donate monthly?: My job is really not paying good.


    1. At what times are you mostly available to administrate on the servers?:

    If i am needed, i can come on any day, any time of the week.

    2. Have you ever held an administrator or moderator position for another community? If so, what position did you hold and for how long did/have you hold/held it?:
    I had Admin, for 4 years.

    3. How do you feel your acceptance as a Server Administrator and Forum Moderator will effect the community?:
    I feel pretty good, gives me energy.

    4. How would you improve the community/servers overall?:
    Its too good, nothing to add.

    5. Which servers do you usually play on and what time?:
    IL: Trade Plaza 2

    I play when i feel like it.

    6. Do you have any experience administrating through SourceMod?:
    No. (I always feel sorry for saying no to stuff like this)

    7. How have you supported the community so far?:
    I have tried a few times, it sometimes fails by me getting yelled at by some random player.

    8. Why should we accept you into the team?:
    I really try hard on any task, if I am needed, I can just join right away, to make sure everything is perfectly fine.

    9. Anything else you want to tell us (maybe about yourself)?:
    My discord is GhostFestive#8830.
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  2. demon

    demon K X N G Admin ★ ★ VIP ★

    Jul 16, 2017
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    doesnt seem like the application has any effort in it. you didn't elaborate on anything, and the answers are very brief and don't give a lot of insight into who you are. as someone who doesn't know you at all, this gives me a bad first impression.

    edit: you don't even meet the necessary requirements

    -1, good luck
  3. Dovydas

    Dovydas Admin ★

    Aug 13, 2017
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    I'm reading this and honestly think this is a troll application

  4. Madi

    Madi Head-Admin ★★

    Jul 13, 2017
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    I‘m sorry but this will not be considered.

    Application declined.
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