Oct 7, 2018
Nothing has been around for a while... So i thought nothing.. i didn't think anything. I was bored, which caused me to think of nothing. But what does it really mean to think, and what is nothing. To think you must have a broca's area and a wernickes area. Broacas area is the production of speech and the wernickes area is the understandance of speech. Without these you would be able to think. The visual cortex parts of the visual association area are what cause you to see stuff that your brocas and wernickes area come up with. Now onto nothing... Nothing simply doesn't exist.. Think of it this way, your on a school bus and you think this school bus isn't infinite therefore its not infinite. Well you would sorta be true but not all would actually be true. You see you judge the depth and your understandance of when something ends may not always be in your favor.. The bus is surrounded by Oxygen which is held onto the earth by gravity but there simply isn't nothing connecting air and space.. Well that makes them connected sorta. space goes on forever for there is no such thing as nothing making that school bus infinite scientifically...