Declined Permanent ban appeal

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Jun 22, 2021
Hello, this is why I believe I should have my permanent ban appealed, I was banned for being pedophillic, on WLN.jalibreak_NY for an openly pedophillic statement, and although I perfectly understand why I got banned, a permanent ban just seems unnecessary.

1. it was clearly stated as a joke, although I did not specify it was a pedophillic pertaining joke, and did not consult with the moderators to see if it was too extreme.

2. if I keep the ban (which is understandable) can you please just make it a 2 wk ban, or something of said caliber? Because again, a permanent server ban for a non-repeating action seems excessive. (And although I do have previous bans, none of said bans pertain to this ban in particular.)

3. although I do not have any thought in the matter truthfully, shouldn’t this lead to just a communication ban? If the ban itself doesn’t work I would still be fine with a (for example) 1wk ban with a 1 month long gag. Although that is blatantly up to you.

4. Finally, the statement I said was a dark joke about pedophillia yes, but I was not directly supporting or encouraging said actions, and did not mean to incite such a thing, it was just a bad joke taken to seriously.

Thank you for your consideration,
From, Kryo
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