Pewdiepie ending hes movement


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Apr 20, 2019
Hello everyone!
Today I am writing my opinion about the current situation containing Felix (a.k.a Pewdiepie).
As you may, or may not know Felix recently posted a video on hes channel telling that the "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" thing is over. Felix explained why he is stopping the movement since it is getting very out of hes control and it is bothering him a lot.
I may not be the best source to explain to you the reasons and things that hes subscribers have done to make him do this (My interpretation and point of view may be different than yours) so, I am gonna leave the link to the video down bellow at the end of the thread so you can watch it yourself.
In my opinion, Felix did the right thing. I know that Felix reaching 100M subscribers before T-Series is a big thing but the things that some people are doing to "help" Felix grow isn't helping at all. In fact it is only making Felix gain a bad reputation since it's HES subscribers that HE "influenced". Damn, someone wrote "Subscribe to Pewdiepie" on a WW2 memorial. It comes to the point that it is just stupid. I know that this can just be the low hanging fruits of this tree that is the Pewdiepie fanbase but if this fruits are damaging Felix's reputation, not just as a Youtuber but as a human being as well, the best option is to stop. Besides all efforts to promote Felix (MrBeast, Jaden Animations, Graanday, Dolan Dark, etc, etc), I think Felix made the right decision. As Felix said before "I don't care if T-Series passes me", which is understandable since "Pewdiepie" is operated by 1 human being while "T-Series" is a massive corporate entity operated by hundreds of employees.
In conclusion, I agree and respect Felix's decision to end the movement. I think this will relieve Felix from further nights not being able to sleep.

Sorry for the size of the thread, but I like giving my opinion and point of view when I can and when I am sure it is the right moment to do so.
This thread was highly opinion based so if anything I wrote doesn't match your opinion be sure to let me know yours! I always like to hear another persons opinion, I may agree or may not, we will see.

The Youtube Video -

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!


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Jan 4, 2018
CBA to read everything but all i know is pewdiepie is overrated and someone like KSI or FaZe Banks with proper content should be at the top.