TF2 Need Evidence player hit me when i am invisible and uses 2 accounts

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Anonymous (f5e7)

SteamID / STEAM profile of the player: STEAM_0:0:31028518 2e account: / https:/
Date of incident: 12-11-2022
Server name / IP:
Proof of evidence in form of:

Explain what happened & include as much information as possible:

I previously reported a player called chuds he located and hit me again 2 times while I was invisible so that says everything about a previous report that he may have used a 2nd account when he was banned for 1 day and you can see exactly at the video he hit me the same way just like the other one in a weird way no one else does and i don't think its allowed to join another account while you are banned hope you do something about it cause i have a long time no message heard from you, hopefully you take action because what this guy is doing on this server,

holding on for so long spreading hate and even breaking the rules to have his is of course never good, i can't give you more clear proof hopefully do you something about this and to my there is no more proof needed that this is for the rest i have no problems with the rest of the server it is really only he that says enough that i don't be the culprit.


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Jun 9, 2019
hey, the evidence you provided isn't nearly enough to convict a person of cheating (ESP, in this case). additionally, I looked into both his logs and potential alt accounts, and he hasn't seemed to make any attempts at evading a ban. unless you have any more evidence, there's unfortunately not much I can do.
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